Ivy Bridge's GPU & SF4

The new Intel CPUs have a powerful integrated GPU in them… is it powerful enough to run SSFIVAE on PC?

You are kidding right?

Of course the new Intel Processor can run Super Street Fighter IV arcade Edition. It can run that game as it also runs MS Office, Photoshop, Virus scan, defrag, render and burn Bluray disks and maybe do your taxes.

Just make sure you have a nice graphics card to go along with it. Integrated graphics just doesn’t cut it.

Im talking about the integrated GPU on the die graphics not the CPU.

The Ivy Bridge graphics are supposed to be good and I was wondering if they are powerful enough to play WITHOUT a dedicated graphics card as SF 4 isnt very demanding.

Only someones whos got one can tell us.

One of the main selling points of Ivy bridge CPUs is their integrated graphics, they are supposed to be good enough to play 4-5 year old games.

I think SF4 might work as its not a demanding game.

I’d wager it would do well for that game. I am not sure why you wouldn’t want your own discrete graphics card though even if it was a budget line one. As decent as the Ivy Bridge GPU is it’s still pretty awful compared to a modern dedicated budget card (80 dollars or less).

But from what I’ve ready Ivy Bridge’s GPU would handle SF4 without an issue.

Why buy an ivy bridge CPU at a premium if you cannot afford a graphics card to go with it? I would believe that Sandy Bridge with a dedicated graphics option would serve you much better.

Maybe he’s on a laptop? Maybe he doesn’t play many (new) games? Plenty of reasons.

Should be plenty adequate from what I’ve seen of it, but I haven’t used one firsthand.

The reason not to buy a graphics card is Im giving a PC to the GF and she doesnt game… only facebook and boring chat and she doesnt have much room.

When I go over I can play SF4 without buying a GFX card for her ;D result!

Haha, cheap ass.

You do realize you can get a GFX card that can play SF4 for like $40, right? I’d advise it, as it takes some load off of the CPU and opens up some of the PC’s ram, making it faster overall. Every PC I’ve ever owned has used a standalone graphics card for that reason alone.

Intel’s HD4000 in the new Ivy Bridge is actually marginally more powerful than upper mid ranged cards from a few generations ago and substantially better than the hardware required to run SF4. It should be able to run at full settings and still get 60fps

I just think he was legitimately curious. Who isn’t gonna get a graphics card?

Just get a cheapo graphics card. You’ll be much happier.

I don’t think the CPU gets used for any graphics stuff on the newer CPUs. The graphics stuff is a dedicated part of the die, IIRC.

God I hope Ivy Bridge finally makes 3D gaming without a dedicated GPU possible again.

How I long for the days when you didn’t have to worry about your computer’s specs & power draw so much.

i wouldn’t hold your breath, i’m sure the Ivy Bridge GPU will handle less than bleeding edge titles, but by current standards it’s more than likely already behind the curv.

It’s not about being able to run “bleeding edge” games at max resolution – I just want to have something that can run 3D games at 30fps without stuttering.

It might be finally possible… we just need someone to try it without a graphics card and tell us.

Anyone… Bueller ? Bueller? Bueller ?