I've seen weird fighting games

…but this really takes the cake. Victor Hugo characters who shoot laser beams, drop barricades on their opponents, and come in robotic counterparts. Perchance has anyone here played this trainwreck? o_o

Never played it before, but I have heard of it. :tup:

Do you know Bible Fight? :wgrin:

The police is top tier :wgrin:

How can you call an almost completely fan made game a train wreck? For a freeware game I think it’s not a bad attempt, not including the fact that the game sucks. Had I paid for it, yeah I would have been pissed, but it’s not that bad.

Did I forget to mention the part about the game sucking? Good, just checking…

Seriously, you had to pay this game.

ponine looks hot.

lol @ some of the 2196 fatalities

cant believe someone took the time to record all that shit

Tattoo Assassins? The Mk Rip-off?
The guy just turned into a hotdog sausage. :S
Oh God.

They were only able to record some. of them, not all.
But yeah, 2196? Jeez… I wonder if they do have that many fatalities.

I remember reading up on the blogs of the people who on the game. Saying how they will never speak of this game ever or pretend like they never worked on it, haha! :rofl:

Even worse, someone took the time to make them for the game.

Arm joe is all about the policemans dash jab infinite. good shit.

maybe its not that odd compared to the other 2 but what do you think of the strip fighter series


What was the name of that FG where you had to take upskirt pictures of your opponent in order to do any damage?

I actually might play ‘Arm Joe’. I call it a trainwreck because it’s seriously just a weird idea for a fighting game that would take nothing less than a smile from the face of fucking God Himself for the gameplay to overshadow just the whole oddness of a ‘Les Miserables’ fighting game in the first place.

Tattoo Assassins has a dope song. :slight_smile:

Tattoo Assassins was actually a big-budget project for the time.

They had the producer of Back to the Future working on this (the whole concept came from a rejected script of his, IIRC) along with some big-time Hollywood special-effects guy. And a couple of the cast members were legit D-list celebrities, including a female bodybuilding champion, a model/Oakland Raiders cheerleader, and Slash’s ex-wife.

The game was completed, but not officially released. The graphics and such fell way behind the other arcade games of that time. And as for the gameplay, well…the game was developed by Data East Pinball, and this was the only video game they ever made.

I didn’t want to be the first one to answer, but it’s Rape Fighter I think.

Wait, is this Battle Raper? I remember SA did a review of that game.

Rape fighter? You mean Battle Raper?!

No, that one was wayyy different. There were vids posted not long ago of this game where you could do all the attacks and combos you want, but the damage wouldn’t count if you didn’t finish it off by taking a picture of your opponent’s panties.

I think it was Japanese. :wgrin:

Saturday Mornin Mayhem:

Some wierd Marvel-style mugen crossover game between cartoon characters.


  • Zeus
  • Momasusta
  • Opera Elmer
  • Sorcerer Mickey
  • Fat Albert
  • Popeye
  • Duck Dodgers
  • Underdog
  • Captain Caveman
  • Marvin the Martian
  • (1 Secret Character)

Oh, and if he will ever complete the new version of the game, there will be Sho’nuff included. :o