I've decided to go straight-through with the stick

Unless I’m at the game room in my college where we all use controllers, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and stick with the stick. Reasons?

SSF4 Fightpad: Lost a bad match in SF2 HDR today because of failed inputs on my Rekkaken. Note that this isn’t the first time this has happened since I used a fightpad, but more like the 100th. This also includes failures with various moves from various fighting games.

Hori EX2 pad: It feels like I’m trying to control a tank with this thing. It’s huge and uncomfortable. Despite the accurate D-Pad and the six-button layout, I would almost rather use the normal 360 pad instead.

PDP Versus Marvel Fightpad: I can’t imagine trying to do anything without jumping every two seconds. I already understand the inputs are going to be wonky without good practice, but even then, I’m tired of randomly jumping around and leaving myself open. And unless it’s just me, it feels discouraging to dash back and forth in Street Fighter.

Nearly everyone I’ve asked prefers the stick to anything else. I could afford the MvC TE, so I bought one last year, mainly for the art and for the MvC3 hype. The moment my Guy elbows failed to come out, I quit. But now, I’m giving it another chance, and I hope it can be my partner for my fighters from here on.

In the meantime, I don’t want to play MvC3. That game already drives me insane. Once I play some more HDR and SSF4 and get better, I’ll be back on there.

But how long does it take to get good with a fightstick? I’ve been raised on pads all my life.

It could take weeks or months. You need to be more patient with it.

I wouldn’t be discouraged about missing 3x ST Fei rekkas on pad or on stick; it is an easy move to mess up on either.

Yeah, you just gotta stick (lol) with it and you’ll get better. One thing I did that helped early on was to go into training mode with Ryu (this was on HDR, but it basically applies with any fighter) and practice doing Hadokens and Shoryukens until they came out without me having to think about it. In your case, you could also practice those rekkas until you get them down pat.

In just an afternoon youll be hitting your regular combos. maybe not on both sides of the screen though.

Try reading the stickies in the newbie dojo.

It will take you years to get good…and Vangief and Wolfkrone will still beat you using a pad.