I've Covered Wars Ya Kno?! Frank West General Thread

Calling all Fledging Reporters! Let’s start this off the right way.


So with the new tag mechanics Frank gets such easy level ups its amazing. Its so much fun. I made a separate thread addressing it but it seems Camera timing is way way tighter in timing than it used to be.

Does anyone know if you can combo after landing a funny face crusher hyper? I’ve tried cr. hk. Tried cr. lp, lk. Nothing. Tried tagging out as early as possible and still nothing…

I have not been able to, so I’m assuming its literally just a counter super and nothing more.

me either. i think it’s one of those “no hits allowed” knockdowns.

what teams are you guys using? i’m still in the UMVC3 mindset of “I need to beam super for all the hits then tag in Frank” which is limiting which partners i think work.

i need to explore more stuff like in that video up top. using the trap zombie, longer grounded combos, tripod, etc.

right now, because my muscle memory in this game is not quite there yet, I’m using the simplest / lowest execution level-up combo I could find for online matches. Captain Marvel launch, abcd, launch, abcd beam super, tag, HP camera before they land.

Cap. Marvel and Thanos have 40+ hit counts on their beam supers which makes the level-up combos way simpler. I was trying Nova at first but I couldn’t find a braindead sequence for 50+ every time in and out of corner.

speaking of funny face crusher, I’ve been using it in this setup once I have a 4+ Frank:

Combo them to the corner (using the Servbot head in air combos almost always gets you to corner), then I end the combo with Roundhouse special into Case: West (formerly Survival Techniques) which wallbounces now. After the wallbounce, before they land, i tap them with a jab xx Funny Face and it usually lands cause they weren’t expecting to air tech at all, it happens very fast.

I’m running Gamora/Frank

Pretty much running her bnb and after her st.HK gives off a ground bounce, I tag into Frank for a quick lvl.
If I want level 4/5 I do her bnb into super, tag frank and take two pictures.

so once you get level 4/5 Frank, what should the gameplan be?

you can’t really do the UMvC3 j.M spam into j.S confirm.

his j.LP has a good hitbox, but starts and stops very quickly, and you only get a single swipe on whiff.

i’ve been trying grounded strings instead, cause he can out-reach most people with f+LP or df+LP, which i then chain into slide, launch. but it still doesn’t feel all that “oppressive”.

maybe there’s something I’m missing. should i be spamming the Servbot head dive more? throw more bottles? shopping cart, tag?

For me I’m tossing a crapton of zombies at them, keeping in mind they are actually pretty easy to reflect, which on a tangent, why the fuck can zombies be reflected? Only the walking ones and not the QCB big swing zombies.

Anyways if they are playing keep away just toss zombies and bottles all day long. I personally use Space stone so I’m constantly tossing zombies and pulling them in. My favorite thing to do against guys like Dorm and Jedah who constantly back air dash is space stone them in and then Funny Face super them. Catches them every time.

The big swing zombie toss will go through most projectiles and cannot be reflected so I just do that until they get frustrated then work on anti airing with launcher (since level 4 its so good). If you really wanna mess with them drop a tripod and then go aggressive. If they manage to tap you the camera should knock them out of the combo. Conversely you can set up your own mixups using it by rolling through them.

What is your stone of choice for Frank? I’m really liking space. Since he has issues getting in on keepaway style when they are flying away and such pulling them in really helps. Not only that but if you find yourself alone with a full Space stone meter, use storm and try to get that free level 3 super in. Instant level 5 and you got yourself a real match.

Also had my first rage quit last night involving some little bitch falling for the exact strat I explained above:


Here is a Chris/Frank video from Olaf


What in the world do you do with frank after levelling? He’s not auto pilot jump attacks like 3.

What’s the difference between light and heavy camera? I know one has more delay than the other and has more range (I think?), but is there anything more to it than that?

So I found out that you CAN combo after Frank’s Funny Face Crusher. But the timing is extremely weird, or maybe it’s based off height? I’ve noticed that I been able to combo after landing it usually when I catch an opponent inside the Space Storm’s box. I immediately tag in Gamora and sometimes I catch them. Like I said…I’ve been messing around with trying to combo but I still don’t understand the properties. Maybe you guy’s can see what you find?

But yes, you can combo after landing a FFC.

You can combo after most cmd grabs(except for like lv3s) as long as you preemptively tag your other char in while you do the move, the damage scaling might not be worth it though.


Frank West eating through projectiles.

Made this up for people newer to frank

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Now, the interesting part will be finding a Soul Storm combo that sets up level 5. Any partner suggestions? I’m leaning toward Ultron atm.