I've been thinking...Star Trek ain't all that sweet

I mean, think about it: humanity is in a huge-ass rut. Everything they do on holodecks is shit that happened before OUR time, societies WE consider ancient/dead, or from books or works written before our time…or some shit from an alien culture. Apparently, we haven’t written new novels, sung new songs, or created any new sports since we started reaching for the stars for the second time. What the hell caused this? A motivation-sapping society that fully evolved after warp technology was perfected, where everything is provided for everyone to the point where it’s just better to gank and retro-engineer tech from aliens (who noticed us trying to get into space and hooked us up after we lent some help in repelling Klingons and Romulan attacks. We probably hurt more than helped, but they felt bad for us), cuz you wouldn’t get shit for developing it yourself? Is that why they went into space? They’re bored as hell, but have no motivation to actually CREATE anything, so they have to find new life, new civilizations…and for god’s sake, bring us back something ENTERTAINING!!!*

*Yes, I’m so bored I’m looking at the downside of a fictional culture. No, this isn’t politics thread.

I don’t think it would have the same impact to reference fake literary classics or music or whatever just to establish stuff happens between what you’re watching on TV and the time you’re living in. Do you really wanna see Picard quote Futureguy McAuthor instead of Shakespeare just so you can look forward to our fake future?

We ran out of ideas. There’s only so many times you can do a Thriller remix or whatever for the next generation. Street Fighter probably ended at SF 10.shrug

If he did it well? Yes. Remember that fake space opera sung by the blue chick with the manly face and 5 voices in The Fifth Element? That shit was epic.

Star Trek is about contemporary times and was always intended to be.

If you want actual predictive sci-fi, look to Asimov or Clarke.

That space opera was amazing. I’d totally buy tickets to blue chick if she comes to our planet.

Even as a kid when Star Trek would come on, I’d switch the channel. I’ve always thought it was boring as hell to watch.

Blue Chick was very memorable. +1 love for Blue Chick from the 5th element.

they reference new shit all the time.

like Riker plays future classical music from various cultures with some blue lady in a bar. of Picard quotes a future judge. or people talk about reading Kirk’s adventures in the academy. they just don’t make the same impact on you because they never actually happened in real life and you have no frame of reference to experience them with.

They had that 3d chess bruv, and the laser tennis game. but remember, this all happens after ww3 AND the eugnics war, so i imagine people are tired and are trying to rebuild and dont have time to come up with new culture. plus for the most part theyre all scientists so they tend to be boring to being with.

Look at the cardassians, i dont even think they were allowed to have any entertainment (i miss gul dukat). out all the species on there, i would say the ferengi, bajorans,and klingons would have any real culture.

What I always found odd about Star Trek is how humanity is such a dominate presence in the ST universe. Relatively speaking, compared to the other advanced cultures and races that have been cruising the stars for centuries, mankind is a drooling infant. Yet there they are on equal footing with the aforementioned advanced cultures. Wouldn’t that be like dressing up a chimp and expecting it to understand quantum physics?

I understand this is sci-fi and it wouldn’t be quite as entertaining to see humans treated like an inferior slave race, occasionally being hunted for sport, experimented upon, etc which would be a more likely scenario.

Nigga this post makes no sense. Culture is not attached to games or music, culture is that whole thing you do as a group of people.

No idea why OP so mad though, Start Trek is essentially a show about a bunch of people at work. It just so happens that their job is going through space doing various missions and banging alien chicks. If they spent more time playing the random games like Data and that maze thingy game or Striker against his Dad in that random combat thing then they’d all be lazy hoes in space.

Similarly it isn’t all that strange that people are still reading all books in that time. The amount of current fiction in my book collection is really damn slim.

Yeah, Star Trek is boring…watch Battlestar, it’s better.

I always wondered how people didn’t just live in the holodeck. I mean seriously. If a holodeck was created tomorrow, my ass would never EVER leave it. I’d be in there, simulating Harry Potter universe while I bang the shit out of Emma Watson while doing magic, while Godzilla is chilling in my backyard fighting a Gundam, and Anna Nicole Smith is topless, BBQing me steaks, and cheering on this insanity. Why in the fuck would I ever leave the room? The sheer amount of electricity we would require as a civilization, just to power a machine designed to simulate reality, and undoubtably used for the most filthy shit you can think of, is mind boggling.

I hope you mastered that Forced Abortion Spell…
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If you are going to take Cracked video topics and make your own thread on it why not link the vid in question?

Here you go champ.

which Star Trek?

No one should hate on DS9, that shit was good. Also before anyone asks, yes I am aware of and enjoy Babylon 5 as well.

Video is hella retarded. Worf mentions Klingon Operas in one of the episodes, Deana Troy’s mom creates a chilling ass place filled with stuff from random worlds so she can relax, eh whatever. Similarly there are plenty of references that show that planet Earth is all sorts of wacky with crazy over population and one company trying to build cities underwater.

Similarly what did they expect out of a ship filled mostly with humans in a space ship? Do random shit that reminds them of home. I usually liked some of the cracked articles but they are hella weak on this one.

I didn’t really give my opinion on the vid, so cool I guess. Just Rhio’s blurb was basically point for point the same Hologram argument and I felt like being a cute smartass Pertho. Stop over analyzing my stupid humor attempts.

Tier list of Star Trek shows I watched

Toppest tier: DS9, OG, that Khan film everyone has seen.
Mid Tier: TNG, some of the films.
Low tier: Voyager, Nemesis.
Shit tier: Enterprise, rest of the movies, like the whale one.