Its Yamazaki!!!!!

I just did this one today, all done in photoshop with a mouse. wish I had a tablet. Nothing too special, just a little something I whipped up.

Hey Man thats cool!

I love the way you color in photoshop. Having no black outlines in your comic art makes it look really styley. I reminds me of the way a pavement artist I toured with drew. Ulla, shes a Chalking grandmaster. Her line work and structure even choice of compostion was nothing like your. But the way you define the lines with the form and color is quite similar.
Good stuff.

Hey the anatomy is looking much much better than your previous works! here is just a random over drawing to help you out. lats need to be wider, chin higher, and legs running with the gesture. Overall good work.

whoops forgot the attachment and this 240 sec thing is killing me.

thanks for the over-draw

I think it would have came out a hell of a lot better if I had drew it out first, that mouse is tedious to work with. I was really going for a non-proportional anime/whacky drawing. Thanks for that comment Munta. I wanted to do some sidewalk art, but I didnt wanna to get arrested either.



Man Hard out! Is it illegal in the USA to do Pavement art? They have no probelms with it in NZ and Europe. So old people get pissed off. But they are no big deal.

I’m going over there in your Spring to San Fran to visit my Grandmother and Uncle.
I was going to do some work over there but not if I’m going to get BUSTED! Who knows you might see me on Cops!

Nice pose… and I agree, you’re proportions are looking better. You know about how well I draw with a mouse…

Love the drawing hate the pose…i could swear i’ve seen him in that pose before.

very impressive… i wish i had a tablet too.

I wouldnt be suprised

Its a pose that I thought flowed well with him. Lots of times he is looking crazy and whack-out. This is a test for a later on picture with him vs. Bryan Fury.

Where’s Sweet? I thought he would be glad to see some Yamazaki art:confused: but then again…