Its Twilight time again guys!

So the final epic oscar award winning series comes to a close in November. I am sad that its ending…but it feels good to have witnessed the greatest saga. Kiesrtyn Stewart is obviously one of the future greats in this acting game. The next Diane keaton …bet it.

So who else is going to see it with me!? I’ll prob watch it twice. I have a feeling it will be movie of the year. Fuck those faggot superhereos who wear spanks and spandex over it…with hanes over the spandex…gay.

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The really scary thing is you ain’t joking.

So yeah, they just released the first subtitled version of Berserk Golden Age. Waiting for an Mp4 so I can watch it on the 360.

Not sure if I like the direction they are going with it all being CG but I will wait until I see it all to pass judgement. With that being said, Kristen Stewart is a pretty shit excuse for an actress.

VAL yknow there classics. Just embrace the wonderful acting

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Edit: Kierstyn Stewart’s acting>>>>>humanity itself

the sad thing is that it could have been a great movie for guys. but the fight scenes between werewolf and vampires were godawful, and too far and few between the girls shitty acting and emo wrist slashing.

i had anal sex with my gf at the time after she forced to watch the second movie. this was the first time i had ever done anal in my life, but it still did not make up for it. i broke up with her like two weeks later. fuck twilight.

Found a better one.

Why is there no dislike button?

I feel ya. My ex also forced me to watch the first 2 movies. God never felt so much headache it my life. I literally had to by medicine after that. Luckily we broke up when the 3rd one was shown.

Fuck this thread.

(Still not as gay as Alan Scott though)

Real men watch twilight…ask Joe pesci

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Real men go to see Expendables 2.

Yea let’s watch a bunch of 60 yr old guys act like they still got it!!

Nigga plz…all those wash ups would break they’re hip if you knocked them over! Twilight has the action that can barely be tamed on the screen

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Man I am revoking your nigga card son. You are no longer black! :lol: