It's really disgusting to see people only play Japanese fight games

I bit if Killer Instinct was made in Japan, everyone would jump on the wagon even if it was exclusive on a console or exclusive there. KI is amazing I’ve been playing it since it came out and I’ve never looked back. The developers care for their game and update it to balance it along with additional stages, characters, online modes. Are you stingy? Don’t tell me because it is an exclusive, we used to play fight games at arcade arenas and thank god for consoles and home arcade sticks. This game is not taking enough attention by the fighting community, because in real life when I talk to someone about KI, he’d say oh it’s an exclusive. Thats not excuse. Why did you buy a PS3 or Xbox360? To play fight games there? Xbox one has already cut price more than once and sometimes they do great offers on it. I am really looking forward to EVO this year to see how the game developed its fan base.

tl;dr translation:

waaaah. no one likes my favorite game!

no one likes your pic man…

I’m not buying Killer Instinct just because it’s exclusive. I’m not buying Killer Instinct because I dont want to buy an Xbone. Eat a dick.

I don’t play KI because it’s on xbone. If it was on PC more people would actually try it. It has shit all to do with being an American game.

Im not buying KI because the games are shit, and I don’t want an Xbox One.

They only have themselves to blame for releasing a game with only 6 characters and no physical version at launch. I bought a Xbone just to play KI, but sold it, cause I hated the console. Plus, the only way to properly play the game was with a $200 arcade stick, they could’ve at least released a fightpad.

I will buy the game again if it releases on PC.

Weird, that you talked about non japanese fighters, yet you didn’t mention MK and Injustice, they did pretty well.

^^ MK and Injustice both are the same to me, tried both and I try all fight games to be fair. Those 2 are not my cup of tea and KI just topped any other fight game I used to play (SF, UMVC3)

and plus, the game works perfectly on the X1 controller

The fuck is this thread?

guess who made a hateful comment? I guy worships Japan^^hence the pic…lol

Hateful comment? I asked a question. You made a thread worshiping KI, while bashing other people’s taste in games. People can play what they want, it has nothing to do with what country the game comes from. I might try KI if it wasn’t on the Xbox one, but I don’t want one.

might have played ki if it was on other systems too

no I don’t wanna buy a next gen vcr

Well that’s because most Western made fighting games in history were garbage and just about all the innovation and originality came from Japanese fighting games.

No, it’s simpler than that.

It’s on Xbone. Don’t nobody want an Xbone. Hence, KI doesn’t get played because no one has it.

Now can this shit get closed, please?

Shame on you OP for making me use a goddamn Pokemon image.

@WTF-AKUMA-HAX get in here and communicate with this guy on the right tinfoil hat frequency.

But Snake, Xbox One, is the next…water cooler.

Why bring an entire race into this?
Some people honestly do not have a problem with the xbox except that it runs…windows.
That irks me specifically because it’s running…windows. They might as well just remove the xbox app from windows.

I’m just emphasizing how I just don’t like a microsoft exclusive being restricted to the one machine, for a game most people probably did not even buy that machine for in the first place WHEN THERE IS A BIGGER AUDIENCE ON THE OTHER TWO PLATFORMS THAT ACTUALLY WANT THE GAME AND HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO THE PREVIOUS TWO GAMES.

The xbox isn’t the issue it’s microsoft entirely, because why would you try to make that game a system seller when most people who bought the console didn’t have that as a must have title in the first place? What if there was a fee for jago as well?And another game is now console exclusive to sony, which is probably an actual system seller based on just the name alone.
The xbox doesn’t suck, the company’s way of handling the platform sucks and they should just sell the xbox brand.

I have to say that was one long rant. Oh my god lol.

You think KI is amazing. I think KI is a piece of shit. I legitimately don’t understand how people can enjoy it to any capacity.

But that’s how opinions work. There’s no sense in making threads and whining about people not playing games you like or playing games you don’t like. This thread is pointless.

I don’t like the trademark combo system of the franchise but I’d still buy the game to support it… if it was on PC. I don’t have XB1 and I don’t intend to buy it for it.