It's official, Jackie Chan is an Expendable

Jackie Chan is expendable. Or at least he will be soon. Chan dropped word that he will star in the upcoming** Expendables 3** at a recent press conference for Chinese Zodiac in Kuala Lumpur saying:

[INDENT=3]Sly had invited me to be in Expendables 2 but I was too busy filming CZ12 and couldn’t make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes.[/INDENT]
Chan went on to say that he hoped there would be some sort of buddy comedy element to his part and the script is reportedly being reworked now to take full advantage of Chan’s involvement.

Everyone else is an Expendable. He’s indispensable.

Hoping for Hologram Bruce Lee in Expendables 4

Jackie Chan better have a bigger role then any of those bums.


He better make his own stunts.

He always does them

Hulk Hogan and mr. T need to be in part 3


Don’t want it anyother way.

Unless they bring in some competent fight choreographers (someone experienced in Hong Kong cinema preferably), it’s wasted talent.

Jackie Chan is gods gift to acting and entertainment, but I’m not confident that even he can save this subpar franchise.

Let Jackie direct.

Even the best choreography in the world is wasted on a film in which the shots aren’t composed and the editing is jumbled.

apparently Harrison Ford signed on too

not in america. legally he cant do all his stunts here. also im almost sure in police story 4 he didnt do them all…or at least was wired for some.

This would be exciting if Jackie could direct his fight scenes. American fight scenes <<<<<<<<<< HK fight scenes.

You know American action films are child’s play when Jackie says he’s retiring from doing action and stunt work after Chinese Zodiac, then signs on to Expendables 3.

That said, Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa next, please.

Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa in a mainstream American action pic seems like it would be miraculous, but it wouldn’t necessarily be so. For further reference, see: Jackie Chan

didn’t jackie chan say in like 2008/2009 that he was retiring from action and stunt work?

or was the Jet Li?

Either way, I won’t believe either of them when they say it.

Not sure about Jackie, but Jet Li either said he was done with serious historical-type pics or done with regular-ass action pics. Either or. I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Jet Li said he wasn’t going to be involved in any more martial art epics. Just looked it up.

Which is a shame, since its a waste on his gdlk talent

This franchise is a perfect example of how anything can make money nowadays. It makes millions WORLDWIDE and its a fun action movie full of washed up actors and actresses from the 80’s. Whats not to love?