It's not possible to use fuerte on a pad/controller

it just isn’t
go ahead and try but unless you want to go insane and end up hating the game
i advice against it

Its possible because people who’ve never fought fuerte will lose to splash mountain, but playing in a serious setting itd take someone special to do some advanced techniques like rsf

I have a friend who has exceptional execution with a pad. He mains Viper and Balrog, and has Fuerte as a secondary, and he can do RSF very well, and even got to 9-10 hits a few times in training (in regular matches I have seen him go up to 6-7). Its hard but not impossible.

Gonza (Swedish Fuerte) is a well known pad user.


So yes, you can play Fuerte with pad too.

Playing on a pad lol

I think I’d rather learn how to play on an arcade stick with my feet, at least then I can wear boxing gloves and play Balrog/Dudley while imitating their punches.

14 hit RSF with a pad O_O seriously that’s some crazy stuff

heh I miss my pad some times. My execution on pad was always 10x better then it is now on joystick
Moves always came out like water
Except RSF could only get 3 hits with pad when I was lucky

Prolly could have ironed it out, but since I switched to stick I think its just better to practice on it instead.

Gonza goes to dreamhack finals on streaming now, if you want to see.

Hope that he wins!

You sure can!

I like it how Gonza has gone from complete unknown to “well known” in just a month since the qualifiers in Malmö. That was his first real tournament.

But damn, that kid got some serious skills with the pad. I’ve played shitloads against him and know him well in private. He’s a nice guy that deserves all the success possible to imagine.

Peace out.

Please ignore this trollscrub’s threads, he’s going around different character forums making useless posts like “Thawk is like Zangief with a DP, how can he not be better?”

I play pad. Not as fast as Gonza, and can barely RSF.
Want to switch to stick, but don’t feel like dishing out $150