Items sold, please close

Sold: Agetec Dreamcast stick - 65.00 shipped.
Sold: NeoGeo Pad 2 PS2 - 70.00 shipped
Sold: 8 button MAS stick for Dreamcast - 70.00 shipped

Edit: Reduced Pricing. Also PM with offers if wanted.

Might be interested in the PS2 Neo Geo pad if it is still around this weekend…

Items are still available, if wanting more pictures…send a pm.

100 bucks for a green goblin? Pass, but it looks in good condition.

Looked around and didn’t see any for sale to base it off of. Last I read this was a reasonable price. Guess I’ll look around some more and adjust accordingly.

Reduced prices, also needing to sell so if you want to make an offer, do so.

Is the mas stick considered the full size version

Payment for Neo Geo Pad 2 sent.

Yeah, it’s a big boy.

NeoGeo Pad 2 sent.

Lowered prices.

Edited: Price drop again.

Please PM with offers if an item is wanted.

Bump and lowered prices.

Wish I had a little money to get that DC stick with. Seems like you are getting into the “worth not playing the ebay game” range on that price now.

I haven’t sold any of my stuff in years so didn’t know the pricing on the items…normally people say check ebay for prices, so I looked there and on amazon and went based off those.

It can be hard on older stuff. I’m a big Transformers collector and when you are looking at something that only get’s sold occasionally, you can’t find prices very easily. You can’t go by what people are asking in Buy It Now because that’s just trolling half the time. I use “completed listings” every time so I can see what people have actually paid and how low prices have been that didn’t get bought. With a few recent real purchases, I usually feel like I know about what’s a good price. I did that recently on the Agetech and $65 is pretty fair iirc. Someone may be able to beat it if they bid on multiples and wait weeks for auctions to end, but as far as just buying it, seems good.

Is the green goblin still available? I’d be interested in it. :slight_smile:

Yes it is, Pm Sent

Agetec Stick is sold.

Guess noone likes the PDP Pad…it’s a good pad…dropped price again.

not trying to be a dick, but they are $39 new @ GameStop
they have both the MvC3 or plain black for both 360 and PS3.