Item retracted please close

For sale:

Street Fighter arcade stick TE-S.

Dont know too much on the specs except that the 8 buttons on top are sanwas and the ones on the top side are standard buttons, the stick is a JLF, has a square gate and it comes with a 15FT cable.

Bought this item from BAD BOY BRAZIL and i know for a fact that he is a well known and liked seller in this community so you know that the stick is legit.

Asking 85.00 and shipping is included, also here are some pics of the stick.

got any picture?

Yeah but I don’t know how to post it from my phone,I can email them to you if you want.

priced dropped to 85 w/shipping, now updated with pics

Would be nice to see Bad Boy Brazil giving us some details

No worries I will give some details later when I have a chance. Did you change anything on it?

Nope not a thing, but I’m actually going to take the item off the forum since nobody is wanting to buy it. Effective immediately

It was a great price, what a shame nobody it’s buying it. Considering it has extra stuff into it. Like Neutrik to detach the cable easily and the hole stick it’s covered by a 3M dinoc Black Vinyl the same that goes on automotive.