It feels quite about like battle poll time dudnít more like battle boel amirite

the greatest pretend event ever

where are you lantitssss

how i ache for it

post up yo teams, nerd out with horrible discussion about how the urban character from mc kids can defeat slippy the toad

you know not that it even matters

its like in fantasy where you keep doing mock drafts before your real one

I’m afraid to post my team until draft time, that’s just ASKING for trouble. But yes, I want my BP soon. I’ve been mulling over my options for this year lately, actually.

Just stay tuned, motherfuckers.


:rofl: you always get me to laugh Boel, you bastard. I might participate this year, shit looks mad fun.

I will give away one of my ace in the hole characters

the “What a terrible night to have a curse” textbox in simon’s quest

also sup lantis

keep it clean cut like bald heads

Can I pick the cursor from Sim City?


holy white people

its quiche’s first post in 5 months

its time for the old white men to come back to clean up after the horrible 09 whiteness

I’m so fucking in…

Not giving shit away… all of yall are FREEEEE!!!

count me in whenever this is going down

No need to make a thread devoted to my awesome man hood guys, you could have just sent me a pm.

holy shit quiche

aka #srkgd circle jerk #258

i can’t believe lohan wasn’t naked in machete

i feel like i was lied to for the past year

Honest to God…somebody mentions BP, and everyone just comes out from under the rocks. :looney:

Boel Points?

You just want to eat the cookie you monster.

machete came out?