Issues with my Street Fighter Tournament Edition Stick (Help Please)

I looked through the search and couldn’t come up with anything which could help

Anyway I have the SF TE stick (original) for xbox 360.
I bought it used for 19.99 and never really expierenced any issues with it.
I’ve finally started putting more time into it ,and now have been running into some issues with it.

A few times while fighting in SF4 the controller will shut off, however it will keep repeating the last move or button that was pressed. So if I had jumped before the odd shut off, my character will just keep jumping. When this happens the controller is still technically on but none of the buttons will work at all.
However unplugging and plugging the controller back in will fix this.

The other issue that seems to crop is after playing for a while my buttons RT and LT just seem to die. Everything else will work fine but those two buttons will not work. I even tried unplugging and replugging the buttons themselves when they “die” but they still stay dead. Once again however unplugging and replugging the controller itself fixes the issue.

These are the only 2 issues I have ran into with this stick and was wondering if I could fix them myself somehow? I haven’t messed with any of the internal parts (which have the yellow gunk seals on them).
It sounds like a wiring issue but I can’t find the root of the cause for either issue. What would be some suggestions to fix this? The arcade stick had never been opened from the look of it until I bought it. I’m assuming sending into Mad Catz is to late at this point especially with the custom artwork I put on it.

Thanks for the help

Those are known issues for some of the old TE unfortunately.
There is not a way to fix except replacing the PCB.

Thanks for that. Now i’ll just need to look into how to replace that myself.
I can’t even see where I could buy buy one.

You cannot buy one.
Only from people who removed their PCB.
You will sometimes see people in Trading Outlet selling.
Or you will have to make a Thread in Trading Outlet to buy.

You can use an Xbox 360 Controller too.
Like the Mad Catz #4716 or SFIV FightPad or WWE BrawlPad.

If you are doing it yourself the brawlpad would be your easiest pcb to hack and rewire…

I didn’t know I could use the 360 brawl or fight pad to replace the PCB.
I think i’ll go ahead and go that route. Mind if I ask if someone could link me to a guide?

Look in the stickies… Theres info and tutorial thread
Look up madcatz fightpad

Oh totally forgot thanks.