Issue with IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCB Kit from Focus Attack

Hello, I’m sorry if this is the incorrect place for a post like this. I’m replacing the 360 pcb on my stick with the IST pre-installed kit, but I’m having problems getting the 3K/R2 button to register as a button and not on the z-axis and the joystick won’t register any movements. I have included some screenshots of the wiring and what is shown in windows controller control panel. I have also successfully updated the firmware to the latest from Brook: (PS3PS4 Fighting Board)

Fight board:\

EDIT: Through troubleshooting I found out the PCB is defective.

The 3k/r2 is registering correctly. The board supports xinput on pc so its being read as an xbox 360 controller so that would be RT which uses the (neg z-axis) LT will use the (pos z-axis). On the joystick no registering inputs have you looked at the pov hat when moving it to see if it registers there?

No it doesn’t. I tried an old joy stick and it seems to be registering. I just ordered the sanwa PCB assembly with the switches and will replace.