Issue with Chimp dual mod on TE

Hey guys, here’s what’s happening: I plug in the TE under Chimp mode and all the buttons work just dandy. I decided to test it out on 360 and for whatever reason, Right Trigger doesn’t work at all. I reconnected the original cable from the PCB, same issue. But why the hell would it register perfectly on the Chimp? o.O

Sometimes the triggers are known to die on the Madcatz PCB for no reason, just a known problem with them. But something may have gotten mixed up in the wiring by some chance. How did you connect your ChImp to TE PCB?

Really? Epic fail, if that’s my case. Er, I’m not following your question properly but I did use this diagram, to give you an idea of what I did.

So, you soldered from the Madcatz PCB to the ChImp?


Very cool. That is the cool way to do it. There are so many hacked ways of doing, like splitting wires and twisting and taing. Solder is much cooler.

That means you haven’t modified the original connections at all, you just added more on. Since it works fine in PS3 mode, which is all additional, I’d really have to go with the trigger problem. Sorry about that :sad:

He said replugging doesn’t (temp) fix it.
I’m betting on the voltage problem:

MRGAY, you should verify if the roundhouse is always on on a PC (in Xbox360 mode: three button combo to force 360 mode is listed in the FAQs of the Cthulhu thread, first post), and test the voltage on the roundhouse signal line with a multimeter, both with the button pressed and without. Those tests aught to tell you if its the documented problem listed in that link.

Nerrage: Thanks for the props, hehe.

Toodles: Yep, it’s always on PC, I did that mode forcing. Went to game controllers in windows and the 10th input doesn’t light up (double checked with another TE I have around).

My solution for now was gutting out the PCB of another TE and using that. I’m going to get a hold of a multimeter to test out what’s the issue. Worst comes to worse, I’ll throw it in a stick that uses no triggers. But thanks for your help. =)