Issue #10 preview update!

Hello everyone. I check out the preview section in the capcom comics website, and to my suprise, I notice two 3rd Strike characters make a cameo appearance!!! :wow:
Find out here:

PS: I Can’t wait for this issue even more. :clap:

WOW! Looks like the comic will be fluid, won’t skip ahead to the SF3 Years and will continue straight through with Yun and Yang already teens. So we will actually get to see Mel grow up before our very eyes. Really interesting!

Kickass, a younger Yun and Yang. I can’t wait

that looks good!

when is it coming out?!

yeah that and eleven

Looks pretty good. Considering that SF3 has like, zero story, thatll definetly help. Nice idea. I hope we see stuff like the “Who is Alex” stuff, showing him fighting on tv or newspapers…

…11th of October??

Hmm…I guess September didn’t have an issue.

Looks great, Yun & Yang, w00t.


i think chunlifan was asking when #10 and #11 were gonna be released

well if the preview is out already, i’d be guessing #10 will be out next week or the week after

Sweet! Yun and Yang! ^^ And its also great to see a page with Gen in it! ^^ The interesting thing is that it shows Gen referring to Chun Li as a ‘Former Prize Student’…seems like Gen teaches Yun and Yang as well! ^^

Issue #10 is gonna kick ass…hope the side story is good too! ^^

That issue looks really hot. Im surprised yun and yan are in this issue. I can,t wait to buy it.

tank for narrowing it down for me

i went there ytesterday it wasit there so i browsed the 25 cents box and i found this
ghost in the shell comic what luck see half nekid chick ind the coloring of the comic made my day and some vampi comic wher there too