Israel in the house? At all? Maybe a little? I feel like I might be talking to myself? ANYBODY?!?!?

Just wondering if any of my Israeli or maybe oleh hadash friends here play fighting games?

I know there’s an Israeli scene. At least there used to be. I have no idea where they are, but i remember seeing something on here about it before, even some tournament vids on Youtube, I think they were in Jerusalem.

I’ll see if I can google-fu something.

This is all I could find, i believe this is the video I saw a couple years ago.

I commented on the video… hopefully someone will clue me. I really want to get back into SF!

Sent you a message phrostbyte.

I’m from israel and im desperately looking for people to play against

me too! let’s do it! let’s create our own tournament!

i played with some of the israeli guys… they’re all really good. i wish i had more time to play… but with school and work i don’t get too many chances
i do however have just about every fighter on steam… except for KOF13 and injustice, but i’ll get those eventually too

Do you guys think maybe there is a Palestinian scene. Do you guys allow fight sticks through the blockades.

ironically a good place to hide a bomb… :\

They’re too busy starving to death and being shelled on a daily basis to worry about vidya games…

Hey, any pc players here from israel? i have most of the fighting games that are on steam and i also play some ggpo, pm me or add me on steam if you want to play.

Wow…this is great…im at YESHIVA UNIVERSITY in NYC…what are some of yous guys xboxone handles?

i’ll just leave this here in case anybody’s still alive

feel free to add me, i play melty, uniel, and other anime fighters (in case anyone remembers, i’m one of the dudes who set up those melty laptops at the last anime con)
not too big on street fighter tekken or anything like that though

Some more of us here (well, actually it’s just me). USFIV, my steam username is ClearNoyz