Is using the control stick on the 360 considered as using a pad?

ppl keep saying pad players but i play on the control stick of the 360 not the pad. jus want some clarification

A pad player is anyone using a standard console controller rather than a dedicated arcade stick.

but isnt using the stick on the controller the same as using a stick on the arcade stick?

not unless you have giant hands and can manipulate an arcade stick stick with your thumb

The stick on an arcade stick is very different from controller thumbstick in size, construction, and functionality, as well as the differences in platform stability and button types/access.

The analog stick on a controller is completely different from an arcade stick. Obviously they both run on the same principle, but the fact that a controller analog is operated only with your thumb makes inputting commands a completely different from a joystick, which involves your hands, wrists, and arms as well as your fingers.

So yes, I would consider using the analog stick on the 360 or a PS3 SixAxis controller as using a pad.

If you’re holding a pad, you’re using a pad. =p

The analogues on pads provide none of the good things about either sticks or pads. They’re pretty much terrible for fighting games. You’ll find a person here and their that does ok with them, but a lot of them only started using it because the digital pad on stock xbox 360 controllers are terribad.

Yes, because the xbox 360 controller is a gamepad. Any controller you hold in your hands as such is a “pad.” “Stick” refers to joystick. Just because you use the anolog stick on a contrller it doesn’t mean you’re on/using a “stick.”