Is Using Dante Still Worth it?

I used dante a little bit in vanilla, but I barely cracked him open. I know a basic bold cancel combo, but it’s not that impressive.

I’ve always wanted to main Dante since I saw the trailers for vanilla, but I never got the hang of him. Now that I’m better at execution, I’m considering using him. should I, or are there characters that do what he does better?

Right now, I’m using Vergil/Wesker/x. x usually being Doom. If I should use Dante, what should my team be? Should I add him to my current team and replace a character, or make a new one?

Thanks in advance!

I know absolutely nothing about Dante, but I guess that actually puts me in a pretty good position, meaning I don’t have to ‘get used’ to Ultimate Dante because I know nothing about Vanilla Dante. What I can tell you is that Dante/Vergil/Wesker (which has become very popularly known as the ‘Trench Coat Trio’) works really well. Dante is a meter-building monster, Vergil’s got awesome uses for that meter, and Wesker is still a pimpin’ anchor.

He’s definitely still worth it! I’ve been using him since Vanilla, and I feel like I’ve gotten much better with him in Ultimate because his combos are much easier. Depending on how much you like Vergil, I would suggest replacing Vergil with Dante. With Wesker OTG and Doom beam assists, you can extend combos and Plasma Beam is good for crossups and whatnot. I use Mag/Dante/Sent and sometimes Dante/Mag/Sent because Dante is strong with those assists (Disruptor/Drones).

Alright, so I’m going to use dante in a different team. I’m trying to get some combos down, but I’m pretty bad at bold cancel teleporting, any tips?

The only tip I can give on bold cancel teleport is this:
Press down and S+A at the same time, and then down and S. Instead of S+A then down down+S. Lol, sorry, I dont know how to make those little notations on here. But, I hope that helps. Also, you don’t have to do it as fast when you do it that way and it will still come out. And if you get used to it, you can do Stinger to Teleport and call a beam assist for cross ups and stuff :smiley: lol

Dante is still S-tier as shit you just gotta use your brain to use him now dont change the fact that hes good.

My advice for style cancelling is hitting S+A right after hitting f+C. I treat it like plinking so I see it as one input. Gives me more time to execute the next move. The jump won’t come out until the stinger hits anyways.