Is UAT a good school?

So I’m thinking about going to this college called UAT. It seems like a pretty cool school, but none of my teachers or my parents seem to know about it. I read everything on the website and the school seems legit and I am kind of excited to go, but I want to talk to someone who already goes there. So can someone who goes to UAT tell me about the school? Whats it like?

This place? looks like a for profit university. I would stay the fuck away from it like it was a horde of zombie aids ridden africans shooting herpes out of their eye sockets…
pretty sure this should answer your question

university of argentina?

Link to a mass effect fan movie on the main page…

Not a good sign.

I was accepted before I even graduated high school. They accepted* me*. I believe that should answer your question.

Best thread of the week.

So NOBODY on SRK has ever been to UAT?

you ever see that movie where the kid creates his own fake college because he got rejected from all the real ones and he wanted his dad’s approval? (you shouldn’t, it’s a terrible movie)

UAT sounds like that college

on the other hand it seems like a place where a nerd can score some nerd pussy so if you plan on offing yourself at 25 you might as well go there anyway

Bachelor in serious game and simulation degree…I give up.

UAT sounds cool, guess its a good college

Stay classy SRK.