Is this the smart way to go?

well i have this Arcade machine got from a local arcade for 200 dollars

its a Tekken Tag Machine and i want to convert it to mame now i already have some parts on the way to fix the control panel and have a pc waiting to be installed decided to put two Cthulhu PC/PS3 Boards in to make the rest of the install easier now i have got to ask is their a way to reuse the arcade monitor in the case or should i just get a PC monitor ? :confused:

Getting page load error on the pics.

You can easily reuse the arcade monitor.

You will need to get an adapter from ultimarc, see here:

see if you can get them to sell you the video adapter only since you won’t be needing the controller adapters.

Nice, a Tekken 1 dedicated cab converted to TTT.

Nice solid cab.

thanks i needed this

yeah funny thing was i could have sold it back to the new arcade owner but didnt feel like taking it back to my local mall

Wow nice cabinet.

Yeah, there are specialty graphics cards that will output to those monitors. I have heard that they sometimes have trouble with the really new games.

The cthulhu is a good choice. I would say either that or the mini-pac. The cthulhu has ps3 capability while the mini-pac can do things like spinners and trackballs, if you’re interest in those kinds of games.

You could get an ArcadeVga to keep the monitor at 15khz or you can do a soft 15khz using a Radeon 7000 (AVGA1) and 9x00 (AVGA2) series cards. Google will help you on how to flash these vid cards.