Is this the evo monitor

I know there’s also one that’s Asus VH236HL-P so I wasn’t sure if this is the exact Evo monitor.

Canada Computers - Asus VH236H, 23" Widescreen Full 1080p LCD Monitor, 1920X1080, 5ms, 20000 :1(DCR) w/2x2W Stereo Speakers, VGA, DVI, and HDMI

think so but check this out:

that’s not it. you want the ASUS VW246H. i just bought one recently and its awesome! - ASUS VW246H Widescreen LCD Monitor

EVO 2009 was ASUS VH236H.
EVO 2010 was Alienware AW2210.

That’s not it. The 2009 EVO Monitor is 23" not 24.

I think I have found the monitor I can use to replace my Samsung T240HD. That Alienware AW2210 has everything I need expect pivot, but that is easily fixed.

And, if it’s good enough for fighters, it should be good enough for shmups.

does ASUS make one…a lil bigger?

my bad

ASUS VW236H 23"

ASUS VW246H 24"

ASUS VW266H 25.5"

they’re all the same but just different sizes

Monitor Q

Anyone notice much of a difference between 5ms and 8ms gray-to-gray response times in monitors?

I’m going to buy two 23" monitors. I like the idea of either two U2311H monitors (UltraSharp U2311H 23 inch Monitor Details) or two P2311H monitors (Professional P2311H 23 inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor Details).

  • The U2311H is from the Ultrasharp series and uses in-plane switching (IPS) for better viewing angles and more vivid colors. However, it has an 8ms response time.
  • The P2311H is the Pro series, which is a TN, but offers 5ms.

However, after seeing this post, I realize that a 2 or 5ms response would be better for playing GGPO.

I don’t care about speakers in a monitor… I’d prefer one without speakers actually. I need the following in a monitor:

  • 1920x1080
  • Pivot function built into stand (like both of the above monitors)
  • Low response if possible (=< 5ms)
  • IPS (not TN) so my angles will look better when in portrait mode
  • 22-23"
  • DVI input
  • Energy Star 5 and other power saving features (low power… I’ll be running 2!)

If that Dell Evo2k10 monitor had a pivot function I would buy two RIGHT NOW. Anyone have any ideas for my monitor choice?

Sorry to answer my own question, but I did more research and found the input lag on the U2311H to be quite good (~10.6ms): Dell U2311H Review. I bought two and I eagerly await them.

SurfKahuna, how does Dell U2311H performs for gaming, esp. fighters? It does look interesting replacement for my TN monitor, altough both have no speakers, no hdmi and both have 6-bit per colour.