Is this SUPPOSED to happen..? WTF?!

Bleh, disregard this thread.

this thread+your sig = wonderful irony

I think this is called negative edge. (?)

Damn Capcom and their poor quality control. This never should have gotten through testing.

Ok, serious answer: yes, it’s supposed to happen. Search for “Negative Edge.”

Aaah, I see, learn something new everyday.

Mixup : There was no way I could have known that being a newcomer to vs. games unless I read an in depth FAQ or something. Try to read my post next time…I sorta did have a feeling it was common knowledge that’s why I asked in my first post… (Take a look at my Join date smart guy)

Anyway this thread should be closed now since it’s purposely put in there apparently.

hahahaha. Sorry I did laugh at that.

But yeah it’s called negative edging, it’s in most 2D fighters. It’s ok though since you’re coming from a smash background. It’s pretty bad in this game with fucking up your inputs so make sure to let go of the button asap if you don’t want to get random shit happening.

lol but its okay for him to make flippant comments of someones videos that are in no way constructive criticism. ie to paraphrase: “lol @ marn j.C BBQ into nothing”, “this guy doesnt understand low block”, “easy megacrash combo”, “he can’t do infinites” , telling someone what its like to be a pro gamer when you’re not one yourself. (if you’re not making over 40k a year playing a video game, then you’re not a pro gamer.)

and then turn around and say “i can’t do megacrash combo cause I do sword spin for no reason”, tell me does the smash community shit on all its fellow players too.

and there are in-depth faqs about this kind of stuff for other fighters. why study other fighters? because it helps your skill in the basic 2d fighter world.

welcome to TvC’s shitty input system.

im sorry those comments were totally uncalled for. im just a huge asshole. please accept my apology, your continued work in the community is always welcome, thank you for the Souki/Karas OTG glitch which the Japanese have now turned into Casshern/Roll OTG glitch, and probably soon to come more characters.

[macho man randy savage voice] IM CALLING YOU OUT HOGAN YOU COWARD [/macho man randy savage voice]

lololol ;0

Thread was worth it for this post.

Lol… it’s time to change that sig.
No reason to get angry at Mixup either; praise yourself in your sig, you’ll be called on it eventually.


Yeah, negative edge. It’s in most fighting games…

After the SUPER funny PM I just got from Silven, this thread was a very welcome addition to my day. Keep up the good work!

I like his new sig.

I hope that if you face him, he yells “KEEEEEEITS!” and then your remixed theme song plays while you fight, and the announcer is silent so that people can hear you guys trash talking. And then you can fight Seth. I hear he is tough.

For one, this isn’t about SF4, it’s about TvC but I’m gonna make sure I learn the game so I can rape him in that too lol.

I’ll make sure I record if we ever do play so he can get embarassed on his favorite site : Youtube

waits to get a singled out “spam” warning from Keits even though this whole thread is spam and every post here is spam

I know this is TvC, but there was no cute rival references I could make with TvC, so I went with SF4.

… Anywho, let it go dude. You seem to be getting way too worked up over nothing.

LOL you poor kid… :rofl:

I hate this game and think it has the lowest learning curve since Smash. It feels like Rival Schools to me but it’s half the fun.

I don’t even like Smash to any extent of the imagination and even I can say that Smash has one hell-of-a learning curve, and this is coming from a guy who plays Virtua Fighter. Besides, who gives a shit about the learning curve of a game if you enjoy it (which you obviously don’t); I can say that I find ST to be easy to pick up, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the funnest and most universally adored fighting games conceived.

  1. You do realize what console this game is on right? That alone affects the general difficulty of most of the games that are released on it.


  1. Brawl has a low learning curve. Brawl+ has a higher curve than normal Brawl.

  2. Melee doesnt. It’s learning curve is mid-high.


How do melee players move so fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is easy learning curve necessarily a bad thing? Doesn’t it make it simpler to cut the bullshit and get to the competitive gaming?

If you’re talking about execution, then that’s also silly. I believe that difficult execution is nothing more than needlessly complicating things for the player. Easily accessed moves make for more fluid gameplay and allow the player to better sync with their character.

I’m glad this game doesn’t have any Dio Brando inputs.

@Dizzynecro: wavedash, L-cancel and Fox. :stuck_out_tongue: