Is this normal with a te?

So my TE arrived about a week ago straight out of the box i noticed there were a few noticeable scratches on the body, this kind of annoyed me because I like to keep all of my stuff in perfect condition. Also sometimes when I try turning on my 360 with my TE it will turn on the 360 but will not connect it with the TE, so I have to unplug it then plug it back in. I ordered it straight from mad catz so I do not know if this is a known issues with the TEs or just specific to a few people. If this happens to your TE please post so I know that I do not have to call mad catz to send it back, because it literally took it like 3 weeks to ship to me because I live in Canada.

Even if it sucks to do so, pack it up and send it back ASAP. Imo.

If the stick is brand new, use your warranty and have Mad Catz send you a new stick

Mad Catz is very good at honoring there warranty