Is this normal or do I just suck?

I just picked up ssf4 ae, with no fighting game experience, earlier this week and have, maybe, 10-11 hours into it. I’ve played around 70 matches and have gotten slaughtered every time. I know everyone loses when they first start but, like the title says, is this just a regular hazing that everyone goes through or am I just naturally bad?

Lol dont worry dude, everyone is bad at some point. Its takes a long time to learn the nuanced skills and disciplines required to consistently win matches. Its not about having an aptitude for fighting games, its about sticking with these games and taking the time to learn the necessary skills to win and more importantly enjoying the process.

If it makes you feel any better the first time I played street fighter i got perfected by the first computer i played on easiest difficulty arcade mode. Just remember, street fighter cant be learned in a day.

Keep practising, I feel your pain OP am still getting schooled by the CPU on hard mode xD Like seriously ive actually won some online matches now and the CPU still gives the the wondrous insights of anal rape. Keep practising.

If you’re new to fighting games, it will take time to learn fundamentals. It’s very common to not accumulate any wins with zero experience. Like fizzywoemac said, stick to it and enjoy learning how to play. These forums provide a wealth of knowledge for the first timer beginner to the seasoned professional.

Its normal, not only do you have zero fighting game experience, most of the guys that are still playing ssf4 ae 2012 have been playing since the game first came out on consoles in 2009. And some guys have been playing SF even before then. I started in 2008.

You are going to lose a lot, if you want to get good however you have to take those losses and learn from them as that is probably the best way to get better at this game.

But no need to worry you have come to the right place, the character specific forums for ssfIV ae 2012 are very helpful as they some of the players have dedicated a lot of time in writing guides on strategies/setups, combos, matchups and more.

Keep at it, watch a lot of videos, and hit the lab hard. Work on punishes, setups and try to find out things. And always refer back to the shoryuken forums, they are really helpful.

I repeat KEEP AT IT!!!

I feel kind of bad for new people trying to get into SF4 (or any established game). You’re going to get bodied so hard and bodied hard for months. Probably the best way to get good is to play someone better offline and have them explain stuff to you as you play. Or play online with voice chat and really talk about the game. You can learn by yourself but it’s going to be slow. The hardest thing to learn is not to press buttons and just block, especially on wake up.

This exactly. I have no idea how people get into their first game without someone IRL to help them.

Unfortunately I had too, and although I knew about shoryuken back then. I didnt know about the forums smh.

Totally normal OP. I have “experience” with fighting games without ever really getting past the basics, and even though I’ve progressed decently in the past few days after getting the game (I actually pulled off a standalone FADC once! XD) I get comically stomped against even the lowliest players online. People are just ridiculously good at this game.

You just have to keep grinding and have faith that you will improve. Everyone sucked when they started out. I imagine that it’s like playing guitar. When you start it’s almost impossible to make your hand move in the necessary ways to play even the simplest chords. After playing for 5 years you’re able to fire off 5 of those chords in a row without thinking about it. Likewise, I’m sure in 5 years I’ll be able to c.HP->DP->FADC->Ultra in my sleep. If I don’t get fed up and stop playing, that is.

If you haven’t read this, I recommend it:

Thanks to everyone for the replies, I would like the mention, however, I just won my first match (#94). So thanks again for the support.

^ I posted that in the newbie links thread for you :slight_smile:
To the OP, I’ve been playing for a little over year now and I feel like I have so much to do before I’m at a hafl quarter decent level.
Take your time, read the stickes, don’t brother looking for shortcuts, practise it’ll be worth it

its absolutely normal. even the best players sucked on their first day

The game has been out since 09 and the people still playing this game, even at the beginner levels, usually know the basics.
As a beginner a fighting game is always tough, though it is more difficult to learn a fg when it has already been out for a while. Best advice is to just keep playing and sticking with it. Getting alot of matches in is important because you don’t want to be thinking about al the things you’ve practiced during training, it has to become 2nd nature. Also it is great if you have a friend, online or offline you can play with. You can gauge your own progress and compete with eachother, alot more fun that way and you’ll improve faster.

I was so bad at this game in the beginning i even gave up playing it for half a year before deciding to give it another go.
Couldnt even perform an easy link to save my life.

Everyone sucks out when they start.

There’s one good tip I can give you though that usually let’s you get matched up with other noobs more.
Instead of playing online ranked, fire up Arcade Mode, then enable fight request and same skill opponents.

Works for me both on PSN and GFWL.

Kinda gets boring though when you get around to understand the basics and got 1500-2000pp and you’re better off looking for people with the Ranked Match feature.

I honestly believe Fight Request/Same Skill is broken though.
You get the same noobs there all the time no matter how many pp/bp you got.

I’ve been playing for five years. I’ve put so much time in the game that trying to count it is silly.

This is not a “sit down and play until you get better” game, like some shooters. This is a “study your gameplan, and become proficient at executing it” game, like Starcraft 2.

Wins aren’t handed to you on a silver platter. Whoever puts the most work into the game, in the most efficient training regimen, becomes the better player. And then players have to take those skills and apply them in a match.

If you can find a local scene in your area, go to them to get better. If you live in a city of any significant size, there is one. Check the “Regional Matchmaking” subforum and search for your city/state. Local play is so incredibly beneficial compared to online play. If you can’t find people in your area, then at least try to join an online group of regular people so that you can find consistent competition to judge yourself against. Veterans, for the most part, are very happy to help you improve.

Hey dude it is completely normal for your noob style for now. Seasoned players like myself have been playing since the first (though I am only 16) and now find it casually easy to plough through the hardest difficulty on arcade. Yet even with this, we lose many times online because there’s someone who prioritizes their strengths over our weaknesses to which we will lose on that behalf. It definitely helps if you’ve been playing fighting games since you was a kid but it’s never too late to learn. If you need some help or assistance then do not hesitate to ask or check out the Online sub forums to whom you can ask specific help there. Also if you are looking to main characters then these forums will help, as will eventhubs. Stick around, keep fighting and you will get there in no time. Well figuratively speaking.

Playing sf since 10 years before you were born definitely qualifies you as seasoned.

Hope you stuck with it, OP. Learning any established game, especially one as competitive as SF, is going to be a long and difficult road.