Is this new? (A- Bison)

I was in training mode w/ A Bison messing around. My opponent was Dan in the London stage. Something strange occured that i have never seen before. I was on the left side of the stage, almost in the corner and the next sequence of events go like this:

Activate… [HP THROW… D.HK] … s.lp… to corner … DP x 10

after the throw i was able to juggle Dan with the slide and continue the custom combo, after the sweep, the combo counter read 2 hits. Is this technically possible?

EDIT: I thought he was talking about PTF. Sorry everyone! ;^^

Old? :rofl:

Krimson, Dan just did a tactical recover and Bison hit him with D.HK + s.lp :chat:

Is not technically possible, sorry :sweat:

it was on a training dummy that did not recover tactically, also combos cant be continued after your opponent recover tactically… can it?

this game would be 100% ruined if this became true somehow

i have no videos and have never been able to replicate it, it couldve been completely random or the timing is too tight to actually apply in a match

also, this was on the xbox version, it could be console specific but i doubt it

Are you serious? That doesnt work.

It has to be the HK throw you dummy… HK!