Is this known

@ 0:38

Novas Taunt Dodges gimlet’s ???

It is now…

I can only think of a few applicable situations for that (right in Hawkeye’s face, XF or team cancel available), but it sure looks hilarious haha.

When you feel like disrespecting your opponent in the worst way possible.
Can hawkeye punish the taunt fullscreen after Gimlet?

I do not think so from the look of it.

He could X-Factor and do it again, or DHC.

That is funny as fuck.

It looks dumb to me

This is kind of old and irrelevant but why can’t I replicate the taunt? People say it like it’s a free gimlet counter but I’m having more success dodging with cr.L. Am I doing it wrong? Is their a certain timing cause the one I’m doing isn’t working. ;(

I think you may be the only person who’s practiced this since this video was posted haha. If you can do it with 2L that’s actually super useful!

Yeah trying to make fun stuff in a video that’s why ^^ Think I’ll have to work it out without it haha.