Is this issue fixable? [crt screen]

Please, i have a 29 Samsung crt with some distortion/warping from middle to right side which makes everything bigger on that side of the screen. The service menu has linearity options for vertical only.

That’s the nature of CRT. Magnetism affects it and you’ll never have a perfect convergence and geometry. You can turn the TV and watch how the direction it faces is affected by the Earth’s magnetic field.

In normal viewing circumstances, you’ll never notice. You only notice these things when you have test pattern images up.

Unless it’s really noticeable when you play on it I’d just try to ignore it.

Thank you for your return. I don’t want a perfect geometry actually, but i’ve had better…do you think a proper degaussing may be helpful?

Not noticeable with movies, but a lot noticeable with retro side scrolling games, which is the genre i’m used to play most of the time.