Is this (a) known (b) practical?

I was playing 3S against the computer and I did Yun’s jab shoulder (dp+p) and it went under Oro’s fireball. From the look of it, it would also go under Remy’s sonic booms. My first thought was “ROLLCANCELLFTW!?”, LOL. Anyways, just wondering if it’s anything significant or not.

Definitely known. Practical? I guess. Fireballs are not exactly the toughest thing to get around in 3s, you also probably could have done Dive Kick -> Yun’s punch chain -> Genei Jin -> a massive combo.

I hate when Yun’s use shoulder against me up close, if I make the mistake of throwing out a fireball or doing standing mk I will definitely get nailed by it, and most likely a hefty Genei Jin combo.


duck under uoh or hurricane kicks.


I was actually playing yun vs a urien today, and it came down to the point where neither of us had any life left. I built bar and popped GJ, and as soon as I did that Urien threw an aegis. We stood at the opposite sides of the screen staring at each other for a minute, and I figured my GJ would last longer than his aegis. However I mis-anticipated the dispersion of the aegis, and threw a fierce shoulder too early, while the aegis was still out. I actually went completely under and chipped him to death ;p.

you could probably tag the recovery of a harder hurricane kick with an ex mgb

the best way to punish ryu’s hurricane kick is to xx dp before he recovers, you juggle him in the air.

Stand up, block, punish with st. rh > whatever floats your boat.

edit: This is only for ryu. Akuma is harder to punish for mk/hk hurricanes (punish with super).

Ryu, Ken and Akuma’s hurricanes each have distinctly different properties (hitboxes, startup/recovery). I would say its only practical against a scrubby ryu who throws out random hurricanes.

almost all ryu’s will occasionally do xx rh hurricane.

low forward xx rh hurricane is good vs dudley, chun, ken who zone standing up within low forward range.