Is there such things as fake Madcatz TE?

Alright so I have a pretty good deal goin on on ebay. There’s a guy that’s selling Madcatz TE’s Round 1 and he has about 4 or 5 listings and i’ve seen one end and it only ended at $64. Now the sticks are used and there’s pics of it but it’s coming from Hong Kong. I’ve had a bad history by buying things from Asia. I thought they were real; i receive them and they feel or aren’t the real thing at all. If you could help me at all here’s the link:

I never heard of counterfeit Mad Catz products before.
I think this is more a case of Someone who started the bidding low. As of time of this writing their is 3 hours before the end of bidding. the last 5 minuets are the most active. I think this is more likely a TE that “fell off the truck” or someone who really desperate for some quick cash.

Looking at the guy’s ebay feedback, 3 negative feedbacks out of 18, not good. Most are over shipping, which of people should realize it can take easily 2 to 4 weeks to ship something from Hong Kong, Factor in any disasters, Holidays or Customs holding your item up will add time to the shipment.

If you really want that TE, it could be a risk. I would go with a buyer with a longer (and better) history.




I did not know that the TE round 1 had Bluray infomation

I have a feeling this Seller does not speak English and the item page was copy and pasted together from other peoples pages.

i bought a TE from some guy on craigslist and i’d never seen or felt real sanwa buttons before so it looked fine. Then i went to mod it later on and found that it had the clone sanwa buttons in it, probably from a SE. I tried to contact the guy but he blocked my number and emails…so i don’t think there will be fake TEs, just maybe someone switching out the good components for knock offs.

So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

probably not a good thing…

Thanks guys looks like I’m gonna avoid this product then. I actually trust the guys on here more than I do on there. So thanks again.

just look on the trading forum and make sure they have good trading feedback…you’ll find a deal soon enough…

Honestly Sanwa buttons aren’t everything. Plus they’re pretty cheap online. $2.95 a piece. In fact I might throw my sanwa buttons away or just keep them in a safe place and replace them with the awesome looking Seimitsu clear buttons.

i actually don’t like sanwa very much…i CAN’T use a JLF at all…and i tolerate the buttons…lol…

Sanwa buttons are alright but I think they are too overrated. But it’s all a matter of preference. I was playing MvC 3 on live and I always misclick something especially the all three character ultras. It really ticks me off. Whoever has very delicate light hands and plays very delicately, Sanwa is for you!! Typical gamers unite because Seimitsu going to be your best friend :slight_smile:

ya, the thing i like about seimitsus is that a stong wind won’t active them…:stuck_out_tongue: i grew up playing on american happ machines and some of them were real stiff…that’s how i like my buttons and sticks now…nice and stiff (no HOMO)

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Now I got that Lonely Island song stuck in my head. :razzy:

The sticks are probably legit, but the 83.3% feedback rating and feedback from people saying they never received their items or that it took 2 months is not good enough, I think. Not worth the risk. Trading Outlet forum FTW.

Maybe I’m picky but I won’t buy from anyone who has lower than 99.8% with near 10,000 feedback and the negative feedback they DO have is usually just stupid buyers being… well… stupid! If they have more than two negative feedbacks in one month, I usually move on. I pay much attention to reasoning, mostly, and I don’t have problems.

well I bought one from him, so when I get it I’ll let you know about it