Is there such thing as octo-switches in fight sticks?

Hello denizens of Shoryuken Forums. I’m Captain Random. I have a question. I been playing with my “still” brand new Synthesis Fight Stick and I am enjoying it so far. But the major complaint that I’m still having, that still occurs with all manners of controllers, is that when I try to swiftly input diagonal direction(i.e. DP motion) I only achieve only the *2 and 6 inputs. Therefore I am in inquiry if there is some kind of device or techniques so I can resolve this dilemma of mine and fully embrace the power of the fight stick.

Thank you.

*The Numeral direction is in correlation with the numpad and direction.(i.e. 236=Hadoken motion & 32147896= full circle motion.)

If it’s your first stick then you need a lot of practice, but your stick comes with a JLF stick lever so you can buy an octo gate for it as it has a square gate right now.

You aren’t using your gate so you aren’t finding the corner proper. I don’t understand why having 8 different switches would change anything…

You must unlearn what you learn grasshopper son, you must practice.
When you defeat Sheng Long, only then you to stand a chance.

Or you could learn the actual motion instead of the shortcut input which only works in this game alone and nothing else.

Having 8 switches wouldn’t help as the system only recognizes 4 cardinal directions. Diagonals are just combinations of two directions.

Nevermind. I switch my Octo-gate with a square gate. it pretty much resolved all my dilemmas with my eightarc synthesis stick.

square gates are not so bad, I use both octogan and square gates