Is there (still) a way to view the list of mods for a particular subforum?

Or even just a (hopefully complete) list of mods in general?

Having such a list is VERY helpful for things like getting a tournament thread stickied in your region!

I know there’s the live “Staff Online Now” box in the sidebar but of course, by nature, that list is always incomplete. Please correct me if I’m mistaken: I am under the impression that most of the mods only have their reality control superpowers in specific sections of the forum, and also that any admins and “global” mods are usually too busy dealing with any major site happenings to be hassled with all of the minor issues and requests that arise in specific sections of the forum.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. :angel:

I could be wrong but I think the function to have mods listed under each section is still not hacked into Xenforo’s newest version. The best I can do right now is to give you this list but I warn you, it’s horribly out of date. If you want tomorrow I’ll try to make the adjustements for you to have an accurate list. I’m just too tired to do it tonight.

Arrrh Sadly that’s all the changes I can make. I’ll try to keep this list up to date when I can but I don’t have a list myself.

Some sections have their mods listed in the rules thread (if it exists).

If you know any specific ones, list them here I’ll update the list above.

Valaris you are a POWER WOLF.

Personally I just wanted to know about Canada but I figured it was generally a good thing to ask about!

There are three mods in the Southwest section.

Myself (Demon Jim)


No love? :frowning: I’m also a mod in MvC2 (along with Magnetro), FGD, and MvC3. FrankDaDank is also a mod in Northwest.

Fixed. Hoping to get a full list that people can refer to.

I also mod the newbie dojo.

I used to be called Fir from 2009-2011

Good news. Pryde is redoing the list so we should have a full list soon.

I never trusted you anyway. :rolleyes:

If you could please add me under “Strategy Zone”. Also, if there are any other forums that need mods I can dedicate more time in those sections as well. Just trying to lend a helping hand :).

-Tha Hindu