Is there concept art of Fei-Long's head swap?

Members of the SRK forums, I’m wondering if anyone can help me solve a mystery whose solution has eluded me… probably because it’s near impossible.

Is there concept art floating around of Fei-Long’s head swap? The 4th New Challenger from Super Street Fighter II before James “DJames” Goddard invented Dee Jay. I asked Goddard directly on Twitter what he looked like (since I know for sure he was someone who saw said head-swap), and his reply was “Nearly identical, with different, more reddish hair.” I read in an interview that Capcom Japan sent the USA branch some 4x6 photos of the new characters and asked for input, which is where Goddard’s now famous intervention came in.

It just seems weird that there wouldn’t be concept art floating around out there somewhere, considering I’ve seen multiple Cammy and T. Hawk sketches (the latter with a mowhawk and a warbonnet in two separate arts), and we’ve even had throwaway characters like “Zubaz” with concept art around. How is it that fully-colored beta arts of these characters have been so hard to find?

Thanks in advance for any information.

This is only speculation, but:

Super Street Fighter II and Darkstalkers were possibly in development together, so it may have had an influence. It’s possible they changed some colours, but this doesn’t match “nearly identical” in terms of shape.

That’s an interesting possibility.

I also thought it might have been Street Fighter II V’s Fei-Long with lighter hair, kinda like a Dong Hwan to Fei-Long’s Jae Hoon. Since those two, Jann Lee, and (to a lesser extent) Yang Lee all have similar hair, I thought it would’ve been a decent guess considering we have next to no evidence of anything.