Is there anywhere I can find schedules for all injustice 2 tournaments in North America 2017 - 2018?

with a vast amount of practice, learning and the help from my Friends, I’m getting ready to try and participate in EVO Next year. (2018)
As a gamer it’s been a long road, and lol starting out as a casual and preparing to take on amazing people has been fun. (and I’ve gone through a lot of “ahh I get it now” moments)

But I’ve honestly never been apart of a REAL tournament, I’ve only ever played in GameStop tournaments. I have played again’st good players but never offline really, So I’m looking to get practice in being in an actual tourney, fighting actual pro’s, and learning how to properly function in that spotlight. so I wanted to know what tournaments are there going to be? How Can I Enter? and where will they be Held? is there anywhere I could find this stuff (i feel like I should already know)

If you have any, what advice could you give me on top of my long preparation? I practice regularly, fight others regularly, and view high-level play regularly. I also keep notes on all the characters I like and all the ones that give me problems. and I even take the time to look at my own play and judge what I did wrong.

all and all the desire to compete makes me feel sort of scrubby. (players who think they’re good but aren’t)
but this is something I want to accomplish for love of the game and high-level play, I want to be at EVO, and if I actually stand a chance? I want to win (at some point). so learning from other tournaments would help a lot.

(i know what might be thought: “You think you could beat those returning professionals?” and I do not think I can, I just know it will never happen if I don’t attempt it. and we all have to start somewhere. even sonicfox wasn’t always a pro (i don’t doubt that he was skilled though lol)

so again I feel it’s necessary I compete in other competitions first.
anyway, can you help me out?

This is the schedule for the biggest Injustice 2 offline tournaments:
These are all open tournaments that will feed into an invitational tournament at the end of the year.
Hopefully you’re located somewhere the in United States as otherwise there are far fewer options among these events.