Is there anyway to remove socd cleaner from brooks board

i don’t like socd cleaner it’s hard to learn hitbox with the socd cleaner so i want to remove it

I don’t mean this in a rude way, but is this a serious question? Without the socd cleaner your inputs when having two opposing directions pressed would be random, you would have no consistency. There are 2 socd types however should you prefer to not have L+R = neutral and instead have L+R=R and R+L=L etc.

i think that’s only if u press two inputs at the same time

Don’t most, if not all, modern games have their own internal SOCD rules anyways?

I’m no Hitbox-user, but as far as I know, an SOCD was only a major issue in non-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, where pressing L+R would cause your character to be blocking both ways and never get crossed-up.

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exactly so it would be not only tournament legal and it would be better for me because i like extra inputs

You can’t remove it (it’s part of the firmware), and you wouldn’t want to even if you could.

Take it from a longtime Hitbox player: You just need practice.

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The only reasons you don’t want SOCD is for games that SOCD breaks it, like Pop’n Music, Dance Dance Revolution and stuff like that.

If you don’t want SOCD filtering don’t use a brooks board.

SOCD is what makes Hitbox so awesome. Why would you want to remove it? SOCD makes EWGF and Korean backdashing easy as pie in Tekken games. Well maybe not easy, but easier than learning to do it on stick. It also makes instant air divekicks/drills a cinch as well. Like dhalsims dive kick where you press down and kick to drill. You can just hold down and press up and then let go of up and press kick. It’s not as simple as it sounds, there’s a technique to it, but once you master it, it’s hella cool. You need to learn to master it instead of trying to get rid of it. It’s a great tool and essential to get the full capabilities out of the Hitbox.