Is there anything that hawk could do against guile?

First of all let me introduce myself.I’m an italian player and of course my english language may not be so good so just forgive me if i’ll write something weird or difficult to understand, il’ try to do my better.

I know that some of the best player are in this forum and so i have to ask some help for this disgusting matchup.

I played with zangief in the 4 chapter of street fighter and i hated to have some 7-3 matchs like sagat or akuma o even worse seth.

So now i swithced to T hawk that i really like and i really have fun to play.

But… the problem come back again and the new “sagat” is just the blonde marine.

I’ ve played with a friend of mine on xbox live that main guile (good player)and at least there is quite nothing to do in this matchup.

Sonic boom can be blocked or absorbed and backdashed (no way to dash forward you’ll get another sonic boom or rotating punch) but if you try to jump the sonic boom no one move seem to work.

Let me tell what i tryed

jumping jab could stop the air throw but still lose against kick or middle air punch by guile
jumping medium punch o medium kick can stop guile AA punch (medium punch better) but still loose on throw or kick
Jumpoing splash sometimes can stop flash kick but will loose with anyother move
jumping fierce or strong kick d 'ont have time to start and loose with quite everithing
Condor dive is totally useless and loos with quite everithing can only trade on flash kick but once he knew that never done another flash kick to me and each time that i jump guile started to do do air thro or air middle punch.

And of course no hawk move in air seem to have something can stop this 2 moves.

When guile is near or is down the game change in t hawk favour but is too much hard to et in considering the fact that ex condor spire can go inside sonic boom but only if you predict can get down guile doing it i nreaction is still blockable or punishable by guile.

And of course condor spire have no shortcut so i not the easiest thing to do on reaction (ok i can improve that but is still difficult to do when you re in panic)
So what to do?
No one guile use the strong crouching kick cause he know that you can do evertinhg in the middle of 2 kicks and there is no way to use condor dive or codor spire to bait something.

Playing with a guile that know match up is really an impossible match that remind me sagat or even seth when i was playing zangief (i still use it and now those matchups feel a bit better in gie favour)

I was thinking that impossible match for t hawk could be sagat or akuma or my god GOUKEN (orrible match , you got to drink some valium before to play that one) but now i think that guile is really really the hardest matchup (so far of course the game is still young and we will find everyday new glithces and weird things).

Ok now that i get my disappoint… Whio can help ? who know what to do against the blonde marine?

Please help me! i’ll try to do my best to write what i’ll find against him and other characters!
And again forgive my ridicolus english (it was a long time that i didn’t use it!)

It’s a guessing game against a Guile, all things being equal. If you can get over/through his ‘Sticker Booms’ then you have a chance. Try bait a ‘Flash Dick’ if you choose U2, as it lands pretty consistently if you’re fast to counter after blocking it. On jump-ins, press whatever attack (MK or :d:HP ideally) early to snuff the Flash Dick then Typhoon as you both land. Even if it’s poked for free, you have to Focus absorb Sticker Booms or he’ll chip and poke (and bore) you to death anyway.

As it stands, you can’t actually ‘beat’ Guile with Hawk’s blunt tools in Super. All you can hope to do is beat the player.

not good enough

Cry Crapcom a river. :coffee:

The key is backing him into the corner. Also baiting jumping aa’s. So learn where you can hop a sb and make them jump at you wiffing a aa jumping move j grab or fjrh. Then you can punish the jump attack with ex dp or try and spd them when they land right next to u. Also guiles wake up game not that good blocked wake up fk can be ultra 1. Also clp and crh os works on him on wake up if he’s not fking. Also empty jump spd or splash then tick spd work. Also try and out poke him if you see him walking forward after a sb he’s most like going to try a normal right after the sb hits. Match-up still sucks but this is my general game plan.


OP, Look at the fight from Guile’s side. He has no reason to crouch really. Hawk’s lows aren’t threatening and Hawk HAS to jump to get in.

Guile stays upright and has great tools for dealing with Hawk, LP Sonic boom, back HP, Air throw, Guile High Kick (actually a solid tool against Hawk) U2…there’s no reason for him to Flash Kick.

So, on the approach Hawk gets zoned pretty easily. You can jump to move through 50 or 60% of the screen, but once you get in that poke red-zone, the game changes. This is where I think you have to get used to using, st.hp, and Almost any trade here is in your favor. Look at how Guile pokes and try to use one of your standing normals to beat it or trade. Pre-empt sonic booms at a range outside of sweep or Guile’s with standing HK. EX Spire may also get you close enough for long enough to change the fight.

Two or three exchanges in your favor changes the match to a large degree.

The match is bullshit lopsided against you. But even if it’s 7-3 in favor of Guile, you need to know how to pull out those 3 victories.

I actually think that at mid-range going into close range, it’s safe to jump forward one time at that range. Why? Because Guile will either AA you with a normal if standing or throw a FK or SB otherwise. FK you’ll lose to, but it’s knowledge for later and can be baited, but normals and SB are possible to hit with a delayed Dive if you get them to react early.

To win, you either need to work your way in and then stay in for the duration or play carefully enough that with a life lead you can manage the turtling afterwards.

First off, your English is really good. I was able to understand your post fine.

Second, against Guile I find the best thing you can do is get a life lead and turtle - make him come to you and just jump over sonic booms and jump or block EX booms - if he has meter don’t even try to walk forward because you’ll eat an EX boom before you can block.

Jump a lot to keep the threat of a hawk dive there - if you get lucky you can land a dive on his boom recovery but you pretty much have to psychic it.

If you can knock him down and get some mixups in and gain a life lead, just sit on it - a lot of Hawks hard matchups become much easier when you realize that once you have a life lead you don’t need to chase them down - let them sit there and try to zone you while the clock ticks.

I’be played again this evening and i figured out something.

standing middle kick can stop or trade with sonic fomr right distance middle punch suck!
after blocking a sonic boom there is still enough time to do a forward dash if hawk is in the right space.

In jumps doing down and middle (elbow drop) can stop air throw and some hits you can guess this one.

standing fierce can trade stop sonc boom too and hits a lot. crouching strong kick can do the same but is more easily punishable by flash kick

Another thing that can work but is dangerous it’s to continuing charging focus on sonic boom and release if guile come across you (just backdash during the latest useful framesif things are going wrong ).

By the way , the match is still hard, and a well spaced and zoning guile is really ass pain for t hawk.

QFT^ This, applied to any character, would win tournies in SFIV.

Why people over-complicate SFIV strategy is a question for the ages…


Yeah little tricks and such are great, however at the core you need patience and the ability to play good mind games. Take your time, figure out how they think, win. Core gameplay for every game.

What a bunch of bullshit.

For fuck’s sake, if you don’t have solid core gameplay and patience, then gtfo, stop playing Street Fighter and go play Smash.

The topic is meant to provide helpful tips and examples on how to address the match up.

Brilliant advice of: “Play better” should be rewarded with everyone who comes into this thread going into your profile and clicking on “Ignore User”.

We’re all operating on the basic assumption that if we’re looking at the match up, then the player knows how to play, so yes, the answers are going to get fucking specific.

Save the bullshit, philosophical garbage for Gamefaqs and post something useful for once.

as with guile being imho a turtle master. its called footsies. as with all grab characters, its their bread and butter. also dont use his specials so much as to get around.

Make guile scared to flash kick, if you can bait one out spd with fierce and scare him with the damage. If you rattle the player setting up tick spds will be easier also delay your condor dive. Don’t dive so quick, punish random fierces he might throw out, do it as close to the ground as you can. When he goes for his roundhouse trip focus the first leg, dash forwar and spd. This match is basically baiting guile into doing stupid things because hawk can’t beat him right out, guile is to good.