Is there any place to stream UMvC3 Panel: Past, Present and Future EVO2k11

as the thread title says. It just started (4pm PST) i wanna stream it but i dont know where to stream it at (if in fact there is any stream to watch it at)

EVO panels aren’t being streamed.
In the latest WakeupSRK it was mentioned that there’s a possibility they might release footage of the panels at a future date, but as of right now the panels are EVO exclusive.

oh thats weak. thanks. /closethread QQ

Yeah I honestly was more interested in the panels than pool play. Though kayo trapping everyone on stream was entertaining to watch.

i was lol’ing at the stream monsters fapping to kayo. i was like… i wonder if they know…

No way… is Kayo seriously… ya know… ?

You can tell by the shoulders…

Mmmmm Kayo :P------

or the hands might’ve given it away

or the dick, you bunch of queers

You’ve seen his dick?

no, but he came out as being a dude last year

Y’all know you want Kayo’s Mayo. Don’t hide what’s inside!!! XD

Every time someone talks about Kayo, this is the first thing that all the trap lovers think about no doubt.

Spoiler ill just leave this here.