Is there any guide (newbie proof) to build a hit box from scratch?

Hi guys, I’d really like to build a hit box from scratch, buying only the components necessary (buttons, chips, etc), is there any guide (video preferred) that teach you step by step how to build one?.

If there are some things I need to learn before I even start to build it, even better.


(the idea would be to have one similar to the Cthulhu, for PC and PS3)

There is no One-Stop-n00b-guide for stickless controllers as the project can get quite involved, especially if you are making one by scratch.

You can’t actually build a Hit Box since Hit Box is a trademarked name, like how you can’t build a Hori Real Arcade Pro or Mad Catz TE from scratch.
The correct term is stickless arcade controller.

First hit up Slag Coin

This in general covers how to build your own arcade controller, including making the case, wiring, about various buttons ect.

Second You also need a SOCD cleaner which can be found at

Note the SOCD cleaner board is unassembled, so soldering skills are required.

This is to prevent cheating on some fighting games cause by hitting to opposing directions at the same time
You can read more about that issue here

Are fight boards (aka Hit Boxes) cheating? (Experiments and Guide)

Here are some general n00b guides
Newbie Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ
The Beginners Guide, How To Mod Like a Pro

And you can ask beginner questions here

Absolute Noobie Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I see, thanks for the heads up. Now I got something to work with for… a long time I think.

Just curious, if I’d want to buy a Cthulhu Hit Box, how much it is and who is selling it?.

I googled a bit and didn’t find any info about it.

The Website of the official Hit box controller