Is there any good stock stick?

Is there any stick that plays good with out any modding necessary? Thanks to anyone who answers?

Depends on price range, what kind of parts you like, and what system you will use them for.

I will basically play any parts that are good. And I am not sure about the price range.

Okay then you missed the most important question which is what system are you going to use?

Oh, I kind of missing that part :x I would use it for the PS2.

For Japanese parts HRAP1 or 2 is good. The only thing that would really need to be changed are the buttons. The Hori buttons are decent though, and the swap is so easy I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to do it. For the price they are reaching though I would say might as well get a custom stick unless you are in a hurry. You may be able to get a decent price for one in the Trading Outlet.

For American parts there really isn’t a good stock stick, unless you count MAS sticks as retail. SFAC is most likely your next best bet, but like the HRAP for the price of one you might as well get a custom. The mod on this is pretty easy too. There is a nice MAS with P360 stick in the Trading Outlet.

For Korean parts Saulabi is pretty much the only choice. It has a Myoungshin Fanta stick so only the buttons would need to be changed, but like the HRAP the buttons on the Saulabi are decent. This would be the hardest of all the aforementioned sticks to mod.

Modding or custom really is the way to go though. It’s really not that hard if you give it a try and follow a lot of the guides floating around on this site.

Ebay’s got plenty of US T5 sticks. Outstanding stick for its price.


^^ PS2 dude. Oh yeah I always forget about the T5 stick.

Seems like I should get a HRAP, only problem is, I can screw up the easiest of things. So I might also want to look into the T5 stick.

there are a whole bunch of neat Korean sticks in Korea. not sure if still sells any of those, or if you can buy internationally, but i managed to snag a few while i was in Korea.

Yeah I don’t think people in the US can really get much from Korea other than Saulabis. I’m pretty sure laugh can always send stuff over though.

I think I fail at online shopping D: I can’t really tell the difference from the looks of the sticks, this includes from the help from the Hori stick thread. :x Also is this stick any good

Looks of what sticks? Just post links in here and we can tell you the differences. And no that stick is not good.

don’t get that stick, ESPECIALLY for that money. that $88 price tag is ridiculous.

Quality of Stick = :tdown:
Price of Stick = :tdown:

You don’t want Hori Fighting Sticks, you want Hori Real Arcade Pro.

Edit: You never mentioned if you wanted American or Japanese style parts. If you play a lot of MvC2 you’re probably looking for American (Happ) parts. If you’re more into 3s maybe you’d be more interested in Japanese (Sanwa) parts (ie Hori sticks).

So it looks like I should be looking for a HRAP since I plan on using it for 3s.

I’d say HRAP1/2 is your best bet for the PS2. Other than that, you can pick up an original Namco PSX stick, which I just did. It’s a rare stick, but it’s one of the best stock sticks ever made. Highly sought after.

I’ve pulled one up on eBay that seems to be brand new if you decide to buy one (not the seller):

HRAP 1/2’s are also rare, but not as rare as the Namco’s.

The old Namco stick was cream of the crop but, now it’s an easily surpassed relic. Get the HRAP.