Is there a website I can go to that will mod my madcatz SE fight stick?

I’m not really a technical guy and the whole process seems very technical to me, and if possible could somebody let me know where to get or how to make artwork for it? mucho thanks

Modding the SE is painfully easy even for people who don’t know anything about modding. You really could do it yourself, trust me.

is there a website that you know of with good enough directions even for a “newb” like me?

After you watch someone do it for you, you be like, "Why did I waste money on something so easy to do?"

I actually did see a video a few days ago, let me try to find it

Edit: I can’t find the video but, seriously it’s really easy. They already have quick disconnects so you just unplug the old button, take the button out, put your new button in and plug the disconnects onto the new button.

For the stick it’s even easier, take the wire harness off, unscrew the old one, screw the new one in, plug the harness in.

Check this out:

Quite simple.

many thanks to everybody, thank you so much

Open it and take a look. It should just make sense, well unless you have trouble plugging in a power outlet, but then how did you get your computer on?

I used this as a guide, and it was incredibly helpful.

The video on youtube from that page pretty much held my hand through it. appreciate it.