Is there a way to

Directly contact SNKP?

I have some suggestions I would like to make but #1 I can’'t find a site to directly contact them and #2 I’m afraid that the language barrier would prevent them from understanding me.

My suggestions are:

For the next KOFXII video/promo use expert players of KOF to hype the gameplay.

Use GGPO netcode for KOF 98 and 02 UM.

Make Metal Slug HD unique. Make it absolutely insane, with branching paths, new moves, etc.

ok i’ll tell them for you.



This thread is going places.

Ask DarkGeese. :lol:

call them


Metal Slug HD?


wow…really? :pray:

Go to Japan, go to their offices, knock of their doors… then demand that shit. I’m sure that will get their attention, and hey… while you’re at it, could you tell them to make a new baseball starts game already… baseball starts 2 was fucking AWESOME!!

I work for SNKP. When we release the newest patch for 98UM next week online I’ll see about getting GGPO netcode added.

There’s no need, considering I’m the one doing the coding. :wgrin:

I assure you OP, I’ll make sure this gets done. :smile: