Is there a way to turn off analog on dualshock 2 on pc?

I’m using a DS2 on pc through a converter and was wondering is there anyway to turn off analog. I tried pressing the analog button off but it just turns on again.

What converter are you using? I know some come with a program or something where you can go in and change it from analog to digital.

It’s the inpin converter I got from laugh.

Some converters let you turn it off via the analog button. I’d imagine that if you can’t turn it off that way you’re going to have a tough time finding another way.

there’s a command the console or converter can send the pad to set the mode if available (digital, dualshock1, dualshock2). If pressing the analog button just ends up going back to the original mode, then the converter is forcing it into that mode. That’s the converter doing it and not the PC. Sorry, you’re stuck. The only option is to get a different converter.

Oh well, it’s not so bad really. Now it’s just a matter of just using an old ps1 controller.