Is there a way to ignore or block someone?

I’m looking for a feature that ignores or blocks another member of the forum. I’ve got a member constantly harassing me, to the point where I’m finding it uncomfortable to visit here.
I’ve already contacted the mods, but I’m not sure if they’re doing something about this member.
I figured if I can flag this member so that I don’t see his/her posts or don’t receive PM’s from, that’d help. I’m on other forums that have this ignore feature, but I’m not seeing something like that here. Unless I’m blind!

you click on your avatar in the right corner.
preferences - then on the left side the option: notifications.
there you can mute other forum members.

How do you enable ignore for someone that has their profile “hidden”?

Normally when you want to ignore someone, you can just click to enter their profile, then click ignore on the upper right button. However, when it’s hidden, you can’t click to get inside their profile to click the ignore function on them.