Is there a USB to GC adapter

I looked on play-asia and all i saw was gc to usb. Sorry if this was already answered but I searched and nothing came up.:china:

I highly double it, rarely people want to use a PC controller on a console.

No. PS2 to GC only.

hardly ever any usb->anything converters.

Thanks, I just dont want to buy a new stick for the wii.

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a stick specifically for the Wii. Either get a PS2 stick with a GameCube converter or mod your existing stick for PS2.

I think if you want to use a stick for Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom you’d almost certainly have to use a Wii-specific controller OR controller modded with Wii parts (PCB’s).

I doubt GC controllers, GC-specific joysticks, or controllers with GC adaptors will work for that game unless Nintendo has a heart… <= HA!

Right now, the only Wii-specific joystick I’m aware of is the Hori Wii Fight Stick which is a just a white and blue clone of Hori’s Fight Stick 3 for the PS3.

(These don’t sell well at all in the local area… At least until T Vs C gets released later in the year then I think they’ll fly off the shelves. A local computer parts store, Microcenter, has a ton of them in stock in their videogame section. I actually asked to open a box of one and tested the stick. Same quality as the stock T5 – about the same percentage begging for improvement!)


I stand corrected on controllers! Basically, any Wii-compatible controller works for the game. The Wii remote is useless for most fighting games so the classic AND Gamecube controllers ARE better for it if you prefer gamepads for fighters.

Right now, the Wii FS is the only joystick I’m aware of that works for it.

Beware that dual-mods with the Wii FS are NOT advisable since the Wii FS PCB is NOT common ground Source:

If you want to go ahead and modify the Wii FS with higher-grade parts, the best mod guide is stilll here =>

The main problems with modding the Wii FS are case space restrictions. You basically have to put a hole in the bottom of the case or thin out the metal bottom a bit to fit a lot of higher-grade joysticks. Stick-mounting is supposed to be medium difficulty, too…

There have been problems getting some of the old PS2=>GC adaptors to work on the Wii…

Incidentally, GCN controllers work perfectly for TvC. I was using my Pelican PS2 (with happ parts) with a PS2->GCN converter until I couldn’t stand it and bought a Hori Wii fighting stick… which I also can’t stand. Now I’m modding it with sanwa parts, go figure.