Is there a thread?

Is there a thread on srk or a discussion board soley for meetups, and meet n greets, or whatever you call them?
Ranbats , Which i dont htink i am ready for. but yea. i just posted a thread in UMVC3 board trying to set one up and im feeling it out right now.
Meetups were alot more organized where i came from, and i gaming sessions to be alot more enjoyable then online experiance?
To add, im trying to get a session going in AZ pheonix get a feel for it , and take it from there

not trying to add thread where they dont need to be or create more rubbish .

This should probably be posted in the ‘regional matchmaking’ section of the forum. You’ll get a lot more responses there, since you’ll have people in your area looking up your specific locale.

I will point you closer, and show you this thread.

The HAZmat crew meet up quite regularly and are a banter-filled group.
Do introduce yourself there and try to be a bit humble and take their tongue-in-cheek jokes.