Is there a stick/pad request thread, or do I just make one?

I didn’t see any thread to request the creation of a stick or pad, so I thought I’d just create my own (I also didn’t see anything about this in the stickied threads).

Anyways, what I want, ideally, is a PS2 or PS3 pad that I can use on my XBox360. I’m a pad player, and the 360 pad is a fucking joke for fighting games (not like most people don’t know this already), and the Playstation pads are where it’s at for me. So, here are my questions, in order of most reasonable to (probably) most unfeasible:

  1. If someone took up my request, how much would it cost? I imagine it would cost the price of both pads plus labor, so about how much is that?

  2. How feasible is it to make the pad work on multiple consoles? I would love it if I could plug this pad into both a PS3 and a 360, but this is definitely not necessary; if I had a PS2 or PS3 pad that I could use on the 360, I could be happy for the rest of my life.

Trading Outlet?

WTB: ____

for sticks:

and sorry you need two PCBs and that wont fit inside one controller shell. There is however someone that has gotten a 360 pcb into a PS3 controller. I don’t think anybody on SRK offers that service though.

here’s the original 360 pcb in PS3 shell mod thread:

maybe someone on that forum offers the service, i don’t know. Oh yeah also forgot to mention DOA players mod their 360 controllers and put in the D-pad from the old fat xbox controller, you might want to look into that. Also I remember reading about MS making a new controller with an improved D-pad, I don’t know if it’s available in America.

EDIT: here’s an article about the new improved controller:

So I see…How would I go about requesting one, then? Should I post that in the Trading Outlet?