Is there a reason Training Room is most often picked?

At tournaments I notice that Training Room is often picked; is there a reason why? Is there some type of advantage with this stage?

I guess because it’s plain and no one can bitch about hippos or a solar eclipse distracting them.

I dunno, I always like picking Morning Mist Bay personally in SF or Asgard in Marvel.

In Marvel the old Shield Airshow stage was soft-banned due to the amount of crap flying about.

The Training Room is the least graphically-intensive stage and is thus the least likely one for slowdown to occur on.

I’m not sure how the 2 versions of Ultimate compare but I remember the PS3 version of vanilla MvC3 having much more noticeable slowdown in certain situations (particularly in some specific THCs) than the 360 version, and most major tournaments are run on PS3.

To prevent slowdown, distracting stage elements or Stage-cammouflage.

Try playing against allblack wesker wolverine drones on Helicarrier

Neutral stage, everything is visible, no chance of slowdown.

Although personally I prefer Danger Room, Bonne Wonderland, and Shield Air Show. There’s only a few really bad stages though.

It’s primarily to prevent the game lagging (especially on tournies using PS3)

Its cus the slowdown in the PS3 versions, training room will cause the least slowdown try playing Asgard on PS3 lol. Xbox tourneys no one cares usually any stage but the dark ones.

i hate how you cant pick stages on psn mvc2 :frowning: i just wanna pick ice stage and play that paul oakenfold song XD

training room is the only map on mvc3 i dont hate, so it doesnt bother me that its used to much

Training Room is the only stage I go to simply because it’s the least distracting by far.

It’s right next to Random select for 1, it’s clean and there’s no distractions, no chance of slow down, no chance of people getting away with really hard to see shit, and the corners are easily distinguished so if you have a corner variant of a combo you can definitely judge when you can start using it.

Fuck Demon Village.

I played an Evo match on Asgard last year, at 20 fps at most. It was constant, so it wasn’t unplayable, but it was very definitely in super slow motion the entire time.

UMvC3 runs on Tech 5 which runs like shit on PS3, thanks in part to PS3’s shitty architecture but mostly in part to Capcom’s laziness and the way game development and porting works (360 is always lead platform for multi-platform games). If you ever wondered why Resident Evil 5 look and ran like dogshit on PS3, this is also why. Same engine.

That answers my question. I’ve been wondering the same thing ever since vanilla SF4. I hate the training stage so fuckin’ much and it gets picked every damn time. <_<
If the music in that stage wasn’t so boring it wouldn’t be so bad. I like how SF4’s training stage looks but the music is just to shitty for me…

Stages i hate the most are demon villages and the TronSnowy stage. I hate that shit because everyone picks it.

Mmm… that explains why some of my training sessions felt slower than usual.

that’s pretty much spot on.

but yea, picking shit stages against fast characters makes them slightly slower and give you more reaction time to block. Not 100% illegal but definitely frowned upon lol. I remember mvc2 players trying that shit against msp back in the day. It actually was really effective because the amount of slow down could be triggered by either player.

the one thing I noticed about ps3 marvel is that it has frame rate issues even when standing still. The game just can’t be processed properly on ps3 and literally every frame looks like its lagging. @ least that’s what it looks like to me.

come out to GCE and bring your friends!! would like to see you @ more tournies man, you have an awesome felicia.

Thanks man. I wanted to head down there this past weekend since you guys would’ve been the best practice I could get before CEO, but there was no way I was going to be able to take care of work stuff in the morning, drive out there, stay long enough to make the trip worth it, take care of work stuff in the evening, and make the drive back while somehow working around my normal night schedule to fit in enough sleep to maintain consciousness throughout the whole day, heh.

The following weekends consist of CEO, MWC, ATL FRB, family stuff, and EVO. I’ll head down that way again sometime after all that. The Dothan scene is holding a tournament on the 30th. You guys should check it out imo.


Not to go all fanboy (I own both consoles) but I don’t think this is true. All tekken games have run better on PS3 from my knowledge as well as others. I think its big two that run better on 360 (AE and MvC3)

I’m referring to specifically to Tech 5. In Tekken’s case, the programmers that make that game’s engine actually know how to do their jobs, unlike Capcom’s, so I’m not at all surprised it runs well on both platforms.

…you got something against Demon village sir?