Is there a reason i get smeared by the computer in this game?

id like to think that i semi know what im doing when it comes to fighting games. block, mix up, etc. but it seems like the AI completely destroys me (playing on difficulty 2, “easy” just for reference). i played mostly guile and ryu and vega must have killed both of them 10 times before i got a lucky break.

then bison beat me over and over again till 3 in the morning and i went to bed.

so, any reason why i might feel like i suck? or maybe i just suck? shrug

The ST computer is just ridiculous. Arguably the hardest in any Capcom fighter ever. Capcom programed the AI with some reactive programming stuff that it’s programmed to do whatever beats whatever button you just pushed.

However, like in CE/HF, I’ve developed patterns to beat every AI opponent. They’re not infalliable, but I can go through perfect most of the time.

the AI is godly psychic when i play. it has a counter for everything from the moment i press a button. its programmed like that i guess.

The JAP version is easier. The AI is tamer and your moves deal more damage. You can test it out on emulator and you’ll see the difference compared to the USA version.

thank god. i feel better now.

my favorite moment was playing Ryu-vs-Ryu and just out 'doken spamming him for the hell of it (he killed my as guile by abusing his QCFs.)

I wish Capcom didn’t make the AI so hard. It spoils the 1-player aspect of the game IMO.

There are some funny anti-cpu strategies in the Gamest SSF2T video @

It used to take me $5 each to beat Vega and Bison on SF2 classic. heh

Yeah, pretty much if you do anything pre-emptive, you just get countered. Also pummel throws, for the most part, are practically useless against them and sometimes don’t even get any damage in at all.
It’s retarded

You shouldn’t play against the CPU too much, anyway… It’s “bad for your health”.

Notice that America’s M. Bison was named Vega…Meaning the maker of this movie was playing japan’s grandmaster x challenge, which is as different from usa’s version as night is from day. Still, it is a perfect example of the reaction-only AI that you guys were talking about. The player was just doing the same cheap cheese shit the cpu does in ST, the same that manages to ream my anus everytime I play the damn thing. It’s better that way, because I don’t have to feel the pain of shitting a wall’s worth of bricks when I realize that the damn thing stole all my money in such a cheap manner…The key is to just use jab srk’s. They leave you a lot less open, and still hurt.

I think it really depends on who you play to decide how the computer will be.

For a Bison player, (“dictator” for the wapanese/losers) you won’t really lose rounds by standing and throwing out mk/hk then countering jump ins with either a fierce or a neutral jump kick. Wakeup low forward still works on the computer because it has a weird way of stuffing wakeup shoryus. I actually used the computer to figure out what I should do for pokes in some situations.

The computer’s reaction isn’t what makes me mad… it’s the chain combos, extra damage, and impossible to break grabs.

I hate fighting Gief the most. Any blocked or whiffed attack gets swept or 360/720’d.

I was doing Boxer’s charge punches and Gief would psycic me out, he did it once, then 3 times in a row so I just went a head and kept doing them, every single time not matter the range.

so silly.

My favourite Gief moment in that game is with Chun. I jump in with the pretty safe J.Fwd, 2x c.short…and he takes the J.FWD AND 720S ME. I did not even know that was POSSIBLE.

didn’t hit deep enough? :wonder:

Can anybody who’s good with the AI of super turbo give specific tricks to defeat every character in this game? I seriously hate the feeling of winning some matches in the arcade against a real opponent, then losing to the AI in the very next round.

Yeah, there’s probably some one or two frame reaction time if I don’t hit deep enough with the j.forward, where only a computer could 720 me on reaction.

That’s why I don’t play SSF2 Turbo on the Xbox, I love playing it on the Saturn

Ya, just stick to training mode cause the American ai is broken as hell. It’s easiest mode is harder than the hardest difficulty in the jap version (And there are 9 levels of diffuculty). And anyone notice that a cpu’s hold will do more than final atomic buster, and when you do a hold, it does one hit at about the same damage as a strong.(holds as in yoga boy’s noogie and boxers heabutts)