Is there a legit reason for the government to use an internet killswitch?

Can anyone conceive of any situation where a benevolent government (not that I’m accusing O of anything) would have a legit reason to use an internet killswitch? I’m drawing blanks here. What is the reasoning to even HAVE one in place?

so his sex tape wont get out

To help out the ailing porn mag/DVD industries.

if Crash Override was hacking the planet

I’m not even sure about a complete press blackout, but certainly the gag orders that are in place for many trials are a good example of when limiting information is warranted. But a complete internet shutdown? There’s no real reason for it.

If they don’t have one ( doubtful ) then they are working on one. If it is used, regardless of the reason given, you will be given a choice. Either everyone submits, or everyone protests, that is the choice. That’s what I think.

I imagine you’re posting this because of what happened in Egypt. They only have 4 ISPs in that country. We have more than that, but considering how it seems like everybody is either comcast or AT&T, who knows? The other thing is that Egypt has had the same president for 30 fucking years, and he’s upset a LOT of people. Keep people under the same guy for 30 years and some shit is bound to pop off.

Also, you may be interested in this.

How Egypt did (and your government could) shut down the Internet

its as if these dictators all follow the same flow chart… When the curtains come crashing in, let’s turn off the internet. That’s a sure fire way to get people ANGRY! I remember when I was in college dorms, the fire alarm would be ringing and NO one would flinch or get up out of their rooms; however! let the internet go down and we all came scuttling out our rooms like roaches when the kitchen light turned off.

sidenote: props to Anderson Cooper for being in Egypt capturing the shit going down.

i guess if like the new Eminiem cd was bout to drop. And the record companys lobied to get them to turn off the net to make sure it wasnt pirated

Serious question.

What is the definition of “legit.”

Their are two ways to look at things.

  1. All people are 100 percent equal and no one has more of a right to a good life more than anyone else, unless said person infringes upon the rights of someone else.

  2. All people are equal but some people are more equal than others. Decision makers and opinion makers need to be protected because they will steer the government in case things go bad. Politicians, large business owners, and their family get priority.

Both ways of looking at things are valid/common opinions and believe it or not most people have a mix of the two but the balance depends on the person.

The answer to your question.

If you believe in philosphy one than NO. Their is no reason to have an internet killswitch.

If you believe in philosophy two, than YES, it is nice to have so you can protect the people who can really influence the country where you live.

if a country is in a state of martial law then shutting down the net would make perfect sense imo.

i’m pretty sure nobody believes #2 unless they’re a politician or large business owner. pretty much every revolution backs me up. also “some people are more equal than others” is animal farm, verbatim (change “people” to “animals”).

Cuts off communication, you don’t want the people who are about to behead you to be able to communicate quickly.

to stop srk from taking over the world.

to make everyone go outside for a goddamn minute at least

Official news release about this issue + the rationale behind it + clearing up some misconceptions. Take it with a grain of salt, I suppose.

Seriously. :rofl:

nope we’d be hitting F5 constantly.

though to protect the world from 4chan might be a good reason